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December 3, 2012

Reuben Hills

by minibites

Reuben Hills

Cool kicks, yep. Tattoos, yep. Soy chai lattes, nope. If you’re a lover of teas and chai lattes, Reuben Hills isn’t your scene, it’s for the caffeine enthusiasts, or unless a fresh juice or milkshake takes your fancy.

Reuben Hills

Reuben Hills is an industrial inspired coffee roastery, stripped out bare with back to basics enamel tin mugs, mosaic tables, polished cement floors and lit with both sunlight and neon beams. Don’t forget to look up where there is an amazing cut out to peer into the roastery.

Reuben Hills
Double Shot Latte

Reuben Hills
Mint & Lavender Tea

Wishing I practiced what I preach, the mint and lavender tea is sweet smelling, but the taste is definitely much more of the acquired taste. Coffee is clearly king on the table.

Reuben Hills
Berkshire Ham

The Reuben Hills menu has a Latin American flavour with a great mix of brunching and lunching items. Good ol’ sandwich delights are dished up in retro plastic baskets toasted held together with toothpick pickle.

My fav is the berkshire ham sandwiched between toasted rye and juicy with machego and rocket. Toasty and dripping with tomato and red pepper chutney.

Reuben Hills
the NOT reuben

Reuben Hills
Dirty Bird

The others munch on the NOT reuben filled with wagyu salt brisket and the slightly usual suspects of pickled slaw, machego and horseradish. The boys munch on the Dirty Bird; a spiced grilled chicken on fluffy brioche and stacked with plenty of aioli, cheese and pickles.

Reuben HillsGive a Dogg a Bone

Reuben Hills
Doggs Breakfast

The Dirty Birds are on the smaller side for the appetite of hungry boys but only for the better to allow space for sugary delights. A sucker for a ice cream sandwiches, both delights were a hot favourite. Think melting marshmallow fluff, chewy biscuit toasts and incredibly, addictive salty caramel. Both same same but different.

Reuben Hills

A great addition to the alleyways of Surry Hills. Just don’t forget to BYO a bib for dripping burger juices and the extra stomach for dessert.

Reuben Hills
61 Albion St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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September 21, 2012

Adriano Zumbo’s Raspberry V8 Cake

by minibites

Zumbo V8

Yes, it’s a little flamboyant and pink, but with an office full of cake enthusiasts and it’s the big man’s birthday, we couldn’t help but dive into a bit of an indulgence…

Keeping up to the challenge is hard, when the year before the beehive croquembouche was conquered by Dexter-esque stabbing and the year before that was the classic white V8 cake made famous by Masterchef.

Zumbo V8

In its initial appearance, the cake could be any pink and pretty looking cake, but after slicing, the sections reveal beautifully equal layers. Flavour layers of black sesame, raspberry, liquorice, lychee and plenty of rosewater – and works wonderfully textually with layers of gel, crunch, jelly and cream.

While the sugarcoma set, there was a nod in agreeance that this was definitely better than the classic.

Adriano Zumbo Lab
114 Terry St
Rozelle, Sydney

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March 28, 2012

The Blocks by Penfolds

by minibites

The Blocks by Penfolds

The Blocks by Penfolds is pop-up wine bar by the water. Nestled along the pier, the sky high warehouse is filled with art installations, wooden totems and plenty, plenty of wines. The concept of The Blocks is to provide the full experience from smelling totems, eating tasty morsels, subtle music and exploring intriguing art installations.

The Blocks by Penfolds

A glass of vino is in order at the bar before we wander through the five wooden totems… and we do as we’re told; drinking and smelling each one. One smells woody, one smell sweet and fruity while one is complex and requires multiple sniffs to decipher. Luckily, there are sommeliers around who guide us through each totem explaining the story behind each one and its correlating art installation.

The Blocks by Penfolds

In true form, I’m naturally drawn towards the multi-layered oak totem with a wave of fresh and fruity flavours, symbolising the aromatic whites family; your rieslings, sauvignons and pinot gris.  The multi layers represent the high altitudes which these grapes are grown. Gosh, I’d wish all furniture would smell this great!

The Blocks by Penfolds

Five Australian artists were also invited to design pieces for the event, with #3 being one of the hot favourites by Kit Webster. Representing the varietal blends, the blending of the wines; the artist uses the ripples from underneath the pier moulded together by images of grapes. I love #5 so do check that one out, especially the awesome story behind the Russian styled, Kirlian photography and capture of “aura” from vineyards.

The Blocks by Penfolds

It’s not all art, as slowly, the temptation of food baits us towards the back of the warehouse where communal tables are set up and a exquisite menu with matching wines. The creative menu is created by Chef Jock Zonfrillo using locally sourced ingredients, and of course with his repertoire and numerous of awards including winner of Restaurant of the Year (Magill Estate Restaurant, Adelaide) – there’s no denying why the dishes are so delectable.

Without spoiling too much of what’s to come, there’s a sneak peak below…

The Blocks by PenfoldsNative Pepper Crab

The Blocks by PenfoldsWagyu Beef w/ truffle 

The Blocks by PenfoldsPotato & Pork

The inside will be for you to discover! My absolute favourites is the native pepper crab, silky smooth wagyu beef and for dessert, the chocolate, current and myrtle; a perfect sweet end. Only nibble sized, so don’t be alarmed if you’re not satisfied by the end.

The Blocks by Penfolds

The Blocks by Penfolds

The installation has been organised by London based designers Studio Toogood and teamed up with Penfolds Bin & Luxury wines, great local artists and Chef Jock Zonfrilo. Get in quick before this closes as this is one amazing pop-up wine bar.

The Blocks by Penfolds is open 16th March till 5th April 2012. Reservations can be made at or on 0407 412 640.

The Blocks by Penfolds
Pier 2/3, 13 Hickson Rd
Walsh Bay, Sydney

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October 1, 2011

Fratelli Fresh Cooking Class

by minibites

Fratelli Fresh Cooking Class

Fratelli Fresh Cooking Class

Through the great wooden gates on Danks St is a hidden treasure chest of fresh fruit and veggie produce, a cooking studio and the Italian delight, Cafe Sopra. Every week, Fratelli Fresh offers a free cooking class with two quick and simple recipes.

Fratelli Fresh Cooking ClassZucchini & Fennel Salad

This month, the starter is a fresh summer salad with ribbons of fennel and zucchini (so thin, it almost resembles pasta!) with a lightly drizzled lemon vingearette, fresh parsley and sourdough croutons. Incredibly light and so simple to whip up!

Fratelli Fresh Cooking ClassTagliatelle with Crushed Peas, Sausage and Pecorino

The main is a fresh tagliatelle pasta with a light, mashed pea sauce with lamb sausage meatballs and plenty of different cheeses. I’ve never ventured beyond a bolognese or boscaiola sauce so learning a quick 5 minute sauce with frozen peas, mascarpone and sausages is brilliant, and oh so tasty.

In a hour, learn how to cook a great meal, then shop for everything downstairs!

Fratelli Fresh
7 Danks St
Waterloo, Sydney

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September 8, 2011


by minibites


Please give Mr Waduka back his missing hat, because there aren’t many restaurants around that meet this standard of high quality food, presentation and incredible service. Valet parking, a peaceful bar with deep, sinkable leather chairs and a central Japanese garden that transports you from the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s CBD.

Tetsuya's Unsalted Butter w/ Ricotta & Truffles

To tantalise our tastebuds, fresh warm rolls of  white and sourdough were at our disposal as we attacked the surprisingly amazing butter. Soft, mousse-like butter with sprinkles of truffles. And the rumors are true, you really could eat spoonfuls and spoonfuls of this stuff…

Potato Soup w/ Coddled Quail Egg

Our first course are espresso cups filled with warm potato soup with coddled (partly cooked) quail egg sitting at the bottom. Mix, mix, mix, we’re told. Creamy and indulgent.

Tetsuya'sPacific Oysters w/ Rice Vinegar & Ginger

The oysters are an additional course, but worth the while. The Pacific Oysters are from the Central Coast and swimming in a small pool of rice vinegar and ginger. Ah it’s amazing how simple dressings need to be when you’ve got fresh oysters.

Savoury Custard w/ Avruga 

Shortly after, a small wooden spoon, wooden coaster and cup magically appear. After inspection, it’s a silky egg custard filled with dashi broth and topped with avruga, a caviar made from herring. The tastes of mushrooms fill my mouth, but there’s not a mushroom in sight.

Tetsuya'sSashimi of Kingfish w/ Blackbean & Orange 

Next up are paperthin sashimi slices of Kingfish drizzled with a blackbean, orange sauce and ribbons of spring onion. It’s an amazing fusion of Japanese and Chinese flavours.

Tetsuya's Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout w/ Shaved Fennel, Unpasteurised Ocean Trout Caviar 

The only dish that remains on every single menu is Tetsuya’s signature Ocean Trout. From the waters of Macquarie Harbour, the Ocean Trout has a thin coat of kombu. We’re told that kombu, a staple of dashi broth, is slowly and continously grounded until it can be sifted again and again, and mixed with coriander seeds and salt.

Tetsuya's Grilled Red Snapper w/ Peppers & NZ Scampi

A perfectly cooked piece of grilled snapper is next, and it is brought together with scampi pieces and smoked peppers. The fish breaks apart easily with the edge of the fork and the sweetness of peppers and scampi isn’t too overwhelming.

Tetsuya's Steamed QLD Spanner Crab w/ Bean Curd, Foie Gras & Junsai

Spanner crab and foie gras are my favourite connoactions together. Gentle pieces of steamed crab sit together on a bed of silky bean curd, fatty foie gras and hints of Junsai.

Breast of Quail w/ Jamon Iberico & Garlic Puree

The land proteins begin, and the first dish is a medium rare breast of quail served with puffed barley rice and Jamon, a Spanish cured ham. The smokeness fills the table, and there’s something so earthy and comforting about the textures and flavours of this dish.

Seared Loin of Venison w/ Salt Roasted Beetroot

Our seared venison loin seems somewhat sous vide before it’s seared as it’s perfectly medium all the way through. Wedges of beetroot scatter the plate with beetroot jus and swirls of chlorophyll. I rarely (no pun intended!) have anything that is this rare but it’s beautifully done.

Hay Infused Ice Cream w/ Sorrel Granita

Our waitress brings over a stack of spoons, unraveling each spoon like a babushka doll. A shotglass of hay infused ice cream topped with a sorrel granita. When mixed through, the sweetness of the ice cream works well with the tartiness of the granita. Not my absolute favourite but it works well to cleanse the palate before out trio of desserts.

Apple Tarte Tatin and Bread & Butter Pudding

Twin desserts present itself, and I giggle inside. We’re kindly advised to start with the tarte tatin; four layers of goodness. A scoopful of gelato, crunchy sweet crisps, cream and hidden apple chunks at the bottom. It’s married with a pudding which is absolutely devineeeee. It’s not as sweet as I first imagined, and we’re both scraping the ramekin clean.

Spiced Carrot Cake 

Almost bursting at the seams, our final dessert plays all the notes; from the savory tones of the carrot cake (which was so incredibly moist..), tanginess of the cream cheese ice cream, salty crushed peanuts and sweetness of the caramel swirl. Wow, what a finish!

Coffee & Pistachio Mini Macarons

Tetsuya’s is old school glamour and invention. Tetsuya’s is focused on perfecting technique, matching flavours and just getting it right. No fancy tricks, no puffs of smoke, no oranges that taste like apples, and apples tasting like oranges – it’s just good ol’ amazing food, wines and kind, knowledgeable service staff.

529 Kent St


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