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April 24, 2012


by minibites

Paper Planes

Okay, I admit that I have a little crush on the Barge brothers and the delectable cocktails and dishes they bring to the scene. Teamed up with Phil Capaldi, the boys have a new addition to the family in a hidden, reformed alleyway along Campbell Parade. Walking in, your eyes are casted to the 400 and something skateboard roof, flying origami cranes and an enticing long bar at the back.

Paper Planes

We kick off with some chilled beverages and in true LL Wine & Dine style, there’s an innovative cocktail menu. Tonight I’m on the Tokyo Pop, a fruity mix with a cheeky popping candy rim. The boys are on tap beer, Orion, which is of course Japanese.

Paper Planes

The menu is designed to share and there’s a mix of old and new Japanese. The entrees and mains are a modern take, while the sushi menu keeps it simple but offering good ol’ favourites with a sprinkle of PaperPlanes magic.

Paper PlanesHomemade Pork & Cabbage Gyoza

Paper PlanesSalmon Tartare Nachos

Entrees kick start with dishes of edamame, gyoza and salmon nachoes. The homemade gyoza is limited each week and are served with a chili oil and ponzu mix; the ponzu adding the perfect amount of tartness. Th salmon nachoes are kept cool in a wooden bath of ice and served with crispy prawn crackers.

Paper PlanesSpicy Tuna Makisushi Roll

There’s a selection of sushi and sashimi to choose from; my favourite is the spicy tuna with the refreshing inclusion of apple while the spider roll has a firey kick with hidden fresh wasabi.

Paper PlanesSake Flamed Teriyaki Chicken

Paper PlanesBraised Beef Short Ribs

The mains are hearty and keep us warm from chill and rain – the sake flamed teriyaki chicken is deceptively flavoursome and perfect with a bowl of rice and the sauteed mushroom mix. The braised beef short ribs are perfect for the lazy as they are off the bone swimming in a sauce of yakiniku (sake, mirin, soy) – all balanced with the sourness of pickled vegetables.

Paper Planes
Tokyo POP plant

Paper Planes
The Black Egg

The desserts are adventurous. Our Tokyo POP plant is a lemon cheesecake in disguise, all of which would have been complete if there was a super crumbly biscuit base which we were all digging for! The black egg on the other hand, is delectable. It is a layered “egg” of macadamia nut oil, coconut milk curd and a floating disc of chocolate sauce (there’s not much, so you have to fight for it!).

Paper Planes

Follow the lighting strike and have a cocktail, or two.

178 Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach, Sydney

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August 17, 2011


by minibites


There’s always an occasion for live music and good food; blind first dates, reunions, meeting the in-laws; all potential cases for long silences and awkward pauses. Jazushi’s been around for a while now, nestled on a corner on Devonshire St. The interior is bare with exposed brick walls and a few framed records and paintings, but the ambience is warm and chilled out at the same time.

Dinner tonight is a farewell for my colleague and in particular from my team, so her bright smile and samba moves will be missed. The set menu is organised at $55 per person with all dishes served banquet style.

JazushiSalmon & Kingfish Carpaccio

Green Tea Noodle Salad 

Japanese at Jazushi is contemporary but keeps true to its roots. The salmon & kingfish carpaccio is a minefield of flavours with even the pickest eaters munching on a few slices.

The green tea noodle salad is intriguing, a cold noodle mixed through a mix salad with a sweet soy onion dressing. Seemingly bland on paper but filled with amazing flavour for such a humble salad.

JazushiSilver Cod w/ Saikyo Sauce

JazushiCamembert Tempura

Next are bite sized pieces of silver cod flavoured with saikyo sauce, which is one of the most amazing fish dishes I have ever had and, my favourite of the night. Saikyo is a sweet miso based sauce, using more rice than soybeans and uses less salt than normal misos, reducing it to a sweeter, buttery taste.

Cheese is not one of my favourite things (being lactose intolerant explains why…) but I had to give the tempura a go. Cheesy, but not as intense had I imagined and the batter was devilishly crunchy.


JazushiMixed sushi 

The main dishes began to roll out and of course, the JFC was on the menu with many izakaya styled restaurants following suit. The JFC was Jazuhi’s Fried Chicken with a lighter karaage style batter served with yuzu citrus sauce and tartare sauce. And of course, a few nigiri pieces with sneaky dots of wasabi underneath…

JazushiKakuni Pork Belly

Dishes of pork belly begin to roll out and we all salivate over its tenderness. The pork belly is melt-in-your-mouth tender as it’s cooked kakuni styled; meaning cubes of pork belly simmered in dashi, soy, mirin, sugar and sake and being slow cooked, all the fat begins to break down, mmm! The dishes didn’t stop there with the final dish of Wagyu beef steak served with sweet teriyaki and garlic sauce, and by this time I had fallen into a food coma.

JazushiCreme Brulee 

The top of the night, it’s a creme brulee in the tiniest ramekin, and it’s no wonder the Japanese stay so thin by keeping their dessert portions!


Perfect for delicious contemporary Japanese delights and sways to live jazz music every night.

145 Devonshire St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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