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March 7, 2012

Greenhouse by Joost, Melbourne

by minibites

Greenhouse by Joost

Pop-ups are ever so delightful to run into. After wandering along Southbank for breakfast and coffee, there was noticeably a large number of shipping containers, oil drums and green folliage from a distance. Parked opposite Crown Casino and as part of the month long Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Greenhouse by Joost has popped up in Melbourne.

Greenhouse by Joost

There’s no denying that the view out into the water could be as glamorous as Sydney‘s, but the look, feel and certainly woody smell still lingers around in this Melbourne pop-up.

Greenhouse by Joost

Coffee is served only for the dine in guests, but they are more than happy to fill a reusable cup. Coffee in is served in very cute terracotta tumblers, while fresh orange juice is squeezed and served in glass jam jars.

Greenhouse by JoostScrambled eggs & toast

Greenhouse by Joost

Greenhouse by JoostPoached eggs & toast

It’s early morning so there’s only a handful of dishes available for breakfast. Scrambled eggs are generous and protein perfect to start my day (loooong day at a conference!) while my foodie companion digs into the style of poached eggs on toast. They came with a pre-warning caution as the poached eggs are cooked differently to create a “just under” egg white and super runny egg yolk; I have a suspicion that they were cooked using a sous vide machine.

Greenhouse by Joost

Greenhouse by Joost is always worth a wander into if it ever pops up in your neighbourhood. It’s architectually interesting and food is equally intriguing.

Greenhouse is open from the 2nd to 20th March 2012.

Greenhouse by Joost
Queensbridge Square
Southbank, Melbourne

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