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October 18, 2011

Li’l Darlin

by minibites

Li'l Darlin

You gotta love a good bar like this. It’s nothing extraordinary but it just does what a good bar should do, ticking the right boxes with delicious bar food, scrumptious pizzas, alcohol and thankfully, plenty of seats. It’s buzzing on a Friday night with people kicking off their weekend escapades with spots at the bar, down the communal marble table, seats by the window or the cosy little two-seaters along the wall.

The menu is made to share, but the tapas sized dishes mean you can selfishly eat the whole dish without sharing (hint hint, like the peking duck pizza…..)

Li'l Darlin Salt & Pepper Calamari

Li'l Darlin
Seared Scallops

Feeling the generous and sharing mood, we’re kick off with some you-can’t-say-no salt and calamari with a side of sauces; delicious and piping hot bite sized pieces. Nothing amazing but it’s hot and fresh, and not elastically, so that’s comforting.

For something a little spesh, it’s the seared scallops. It’s not long when they arrive on a bed of cauliflower puree, crispy pancetta pieces, lime, tomato and a drizzle of brown nut butter sauce danced around on my tastebuds. Delish.

Li'l Darlin
Chilli-BBQ Ribs

Li'l Darlin Crispy Peking Duck Pizza

Continuing the two person chow down, next up are the messy and saucilious pork ribs. They pull off the bone with no trouble and are coated in Li’l Darlin’s signature chilli BBQ sauce. With our saucy grins and BBQ smelling fingers, we dive into the side of kipfler potato chips with aioli. Mmmm!

And when you read crispy peking duck pizza on a menu, you really can’t go past without ordering (plus having a food blogging colleague always helps, hello!). The pizza is crispy thin with lashings of peking duck, hoi sin sauce, shallots, cucumbers, coriander and the magical hints of star anise and cinnamon glaze that ties it altogether. Definitely giving Mad Pizza e Bar up the road a run for its money!

Li'l Darlin Homemade dough sticks w Belgian chocolate

The dessert menu is still sadly very short and it calls for the home made dough sticks. If you’re a lover of fresh bread then this is a treat. Warm, doughy goodness dipped in Belgian milk chocolate is not bad, not bad at all.

Li'l Darlin

If Li’l Darlin continues to kick on with crazy stunts like chilli bbq pork ribs and crispy peking duck pizza, then there won’t be spare seats on a Friday night soon…

Li’l Darlin
235 Victoria Rd
Darlinghurst, Sydney

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October 13, 2011

Table for 20

by minibites

Table for 20

Tucked away behind a roller door is the double treat of Sticky Bar and Table for 20. The door is still unmarked but they are now kind enough to chalkboard the wall. Text to get in, wander past the cooler room, random boxes, motorcycle and windy staircases into the top floor of Sticky, filled with eclectic furniture, gorgeous light features and sinkable couches.

Sticky is still pretty awesome with more seats, a private room and chilled out bartenders. Tell them your choice of liquid courage and they’ll mix you something good.


Instead of a night of nibbles and cocktails at the bar, we’re in for a dinner treat. Table for 20’s concept is “neighbourhood dining” with shared plates, good ol’ gourmet food, and glasses and glasses of vino.

Table for 20

The mood is intimate, friendly and chatty. The room is buzzing with people meeting and greeting their new neighbours for the night. Our dinner kicks off when our host introduces himself and the menu for the night. It’s a 3 course Italian inspired meal with shared dishes that he would enjoy every night at home. Quality home styled dishes made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Table for 20Fresh Pappardelle w/ Mushrooms

Table for 20Pork Chop w/ Tomato Salad & Roasted Potatoes

Our first course is an amazing fresh pappardelle pasta made that very morning; absolutely melt in your mouth and needed nothing really but a light sauce and plenty of mushrooms. I could have left after this and been very satisfied and happy. The roasted pork chop was needless to say, as simple as it can be. Amazingly crusted served with a mixed tomato salad, roasted potatoes and a sweet apple sauce.

Table for 20Flourless Chocolate cake w/ Sour Cherries & Fresh Cream

Bursting at the seams, we top off with an entire flourless chocolate cake served at the table. Thick and moist with hidden contrasting bursts of sour cherries. And wow, what a finish!

The amazing dinners happen every Wed – Saturday night with live music and BYO, but make sure you text 0416 096 916 for a seat.

Table for 20
182 Campbell St
Surry Hills 

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