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April 12, 2011

Bar Lourhinã, Melbourne

by minibites

Bar Lourhina
Bar Lourinha is like visiting your grandmama for dinner; homey, comfort food with rich, meaty dishes. Buzzing on a week night, plenty of people fill the table at the bar with metal pans of meaty delights with a serve of fresh boiled potato. Walk into a room with walls of an assortment of photo frames, different sized mirrors, unusual antlers mounted on the wall and hanging spoon collections.

Bar Lourhina

Bar LourhinãPancetta “soldiers”

There’s a line but instead of rubbing our hands in the cold, we hang around in the hallway for a drink and some nibbles. Our drink of poison is “The Stolen Town Bike”; a concoction of Frangelico, Amaro Lucano, Gin and mixed with pomegranate juice and rose water. The nibbles include toothpick skewers of green olives and a generous cube of lemon curd ocean trout. Bewildered to what “soldiers” were, we’re pleasantly surprised with a soft crispy bread cube with garlic butter wrapped with flavoursome salty panetta. Simple yet amazingly good.

Bar Lourhina Pork neck, almond sauce

Bar Lourhina Roasted mushrooms & garlic cream

Bar Lourhina Home made free range chorizo & cider

The dishes are quite meat heavy, so it’s wise to select one or two along with a dish of veggies. Our meats for the evening were a pork neck served with almond sauce, and a thick home made chorizo in cider; both served with a boiled potato. The pork neck is tender and the almonds add a nice crunch. The chorizo sausage is generous and genuine with an array of herbs and spices mixed through. The favourite dish has to be the whole roasted button mushrooms with garlic cream, which were incredibly delicious. If you love creamy mushroom sauces, then this is perfect to top off pulled pork neck.

The dishes aren’t pieces of artwork, but they taste homey, simple and wholesome. The meats are of the different kind, but it’s great to see restaurants acknowledging the other kinds of the animal than the typical pork belly, shoulder or sirloin steak.

Bar Lourhinã
37 Little Collins St

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