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June 19, 2011

The Eathouse Diner

by minibites

The Eathouse Diner

After being all loco’d out over at El Loco, it was time to search for some desserts to sweeten our palates after numerous tacos and margaritas. The Eathouse Diner isn’t too far away so we hustled along to the next suburb and trekked down to find the bright coloured lights and of course the, Eat Here sign.

Inside it’s warm and it feels as though we’ve stepped back in time with retro milkbar benchtops, a chalkboard menu and vinyl floors. The dessert menu isn’t too far off being retro and ol’ school either, bringing back the favourites of Eton’s Mess and the classic forgotten Banana Spilt.

The Eathouse Diner The Eathouse Mess

The Eathouse Diner Banana Spilt

Still warm and giggly from our tequilas, we sit outside under the moonlight and devour our chosen desserts. The Eathouse Mess is mashed in with crunchy meringue, rhubarb, cream and coulis; so it was sweetness and texture galore. The banana spilt was the hot favourite being in its traditional boat bowl finished with a paper umbrella and wafer. Generous amounts of smashed up bananas, banana ice cream, chocolate sauce and crucnhy hazelnuts and macadamias to top it all off. Simple and classic, but brilliant.

The Eathouse Diner

Sit at the milk bar for proper food and a glass of wine, or swing by for some childhood desserts!

The Eathouse Diner
44 Chalmers St
Redfern, Sydney

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