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July 30, 2011

La Bodeguita de Medio

by minibites

La Bodeguita de Medio

Pushing through what seems to be strong glass doors guarding a Gotham city bank, it hides La Bodeguita de Medio, a Latin American surprise; filled with lively music, a well stocked rum bar and plenty of tasty and flavoursome morsels. The interior is theme fitting, with washed out sky blue walls, plenty of picture frames on the walls, wooden features and private booths to hide away in.

La Bodeguita de Medio

Ho ho ho, and a bottle of rum…! If rum is your choice of liquid courage, then this is the perfect bar to be at; with pages and pages of dedicated rum based cocktails and plenty of shots to share. We’re being well behaved as it’s still a school night, so cocktails it is.

I am cameraless tonight but the tapas to share are worth a nibble on, and the amazing ceviche with a tang and bite and braised lamb neck served with Cuban rice and black bean vinaigrette are worth a mention. I’m totally skeptical to raw food (my dad always overcooks meat) so ceviche has never been on my hot list, but this was damn delicious!

La Bodeguita de Medio
Passionfruit Pannacotta

La Bodeguita de MedioMocha Dome 

After a night of cocktails, we couldn’t resist some sweet delights while watching live salsa dancing around the tables and booths. The pannacotta is not the usual pyramid wobble, but little coins of pannacotta and passionfruit jelly, all on top of a bed of tapioca soup dressed with fruits and flowers. Usually a lover of tapioca, but I’m not sure it really worked for this dish…

The mocha dome on the hand was a chocolate delight – a decadent chocolate dome, candied peanuts, and salted caramel ice cream. Hello sugar overload but this one was a treat.

Perfect for some exotic foods, a mojito and a little dancing to wave the night away.

La Bodeguita de Medio
125 York St

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October 24, 2010

SIFF 2010 Sugarhit – Azuma Kushiyaki

by minibites

My first Sugarhit for the Crave festival is Azuma Kushiyaki. I particularly enjoy the restaurants who are embracing the point of Sugarhits as an opportunity to showcase samples of their desserts, so I was grinning to see that they were serving their desserts in not one, but two sample boxes!

Azuma’s first box includes a vanilla pannacotta with strawberry coulis, and Belgian chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis topped with freeze dried raspberries. This was delicious with a light pannacotta that was perfectly flavoured with the sweet raspberries. The chocolate mousse wasn’t too sweet either and the both complemented each other very well.

The next box included a Japanese wasabi ganache tart, almond financier, Japanese green tea tart and smiley macaron. Although this box was more experimental, I could not enjoy it as much as the first – not being a fan of wasabi and heat, I really couldn’t conjure the willpower up to eat it.

It was a bit of a laugh that the macaron faces were so similar to their eaters…

Sugarhits are happening in the month of October after 9pm. All desserts are served with a glass of Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora or Hennessy Cognac.

Azuma Kushiyaki
1/2 Chifley Square

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August 9, 2010


by minibites

This little gorgeous wine bar is hidden away within the quiet suburban streets of Surry Hills. With the curtains pulled down, anyone can easily pass on by without a second thought, that is until you carefully listen for the whispers of chitter chatter and the clanking of wine glasses.  Enter inside and it’s a warm, homely feel with modern wooden accents and dark corners to sink into with a glass of French wine.

Snuggled away from the rain, wind and the cold, we have a few glasses of wine and tapas to share. The food are your Italian staples from meat and cheese platter, ravioli, lasagne and small plates of good ol’ pasta favourites. My highlight of the evening setting aside the vino, is the mixed dessert platter. Favourite dessert platter to date with all three hitting the right notes; the tiramisu has the perfect balance of sweet and bitterness (even satisfying my non-coffee loving companion), the chocolate mousse has a surprise burst of peppermint and the pannacotta just jiggles in all the right places.

544 Bourke St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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June 1, 2010

LL Wine & Dine

by minibites

I’m so happy that I discovered this sooner than later. Hidden amongst the alleyways of Kings Cross, this restaurant bar has absolute potential, with a delicious collection of dishes, strong cocktails and a quirky interior. The restaurant captures the vibe of Hong Kong’s underground – and this space has been transformed from an once 1980s illegal casino, pornography dungeon and steel room.

From the outside, you can grab a drink in the skinny corridor-sized bar or wander inside past the pornographic wall, eccentric wall designs into a warm, Chinese influenced dining area.

Big trouble in little China

Unable to choose my cocktail, I quickly opt at the last minute for the Big trouble in little China, containing 42 below vodka, vanilla and pineapple shaken topped with fresh coriander. Surprisingly this becomes the favourite cocktail of the night and even though I’ve never had coriander in a cocktail before, it was a fantastic touch to this drink. Another recommendation would be the Red Dragon; a mixture of sweet and sour of coriander, raspberries pressed then shaken with chilli infused vodka, peach schannps and cranberry juice – unusual but hits the mark.

San choy bau of chicken

For entrees, we devour with LL’s twist on the san choy bau; instead of duck, there are pine nuts, chicken, lemongrass, mint, topped with spicy lemon dressing served in a large lettuce cup. A nice spicy kick start to the meal.

Black tea & star anise smoked duck breast pancakes

Next on the agenda are  DIY duck pancakes, served with traditional dipping soy bean sauce, cucumbers and spring onions. The duck pancakes are tender and cooked just perfect, with subtle hints of black tea and star anise flavours smoked through.

Beef eye fillet

More mains roll out on our miniscule table; beef eye fillet which are slow cooked and braised in house spices, served with chinese greens & baby carrots. Wonderfully tender meat that fell apart when served. The baby carrots also deserve a honorary mention, simple but blanched perfectly to maintain a soft yet crunchy touch.

A dish that I unfortunately forgot to capture due to the fact that I was too busy devouring and laughing the night away, is the chili & garlic crumbled soft shell crab served with wasabi mayonnaise – my favourite dish of the night. A definite must for those salt and pepper squid lovers who enjoy a great chili kick and more kapow from the wasabi dipping sauce.

Coconut cream, lychee and topioca panna cotta

Full to the brim, we share our dessert; the coconut, lychee and tapioca panna cotta, served with mango gelato and sugar pastry. Not your usual panna cotta but the flavours are refreshing and light, just perfect to top off our meal. It has a good jiggle but I was hoping for it to be a little more generous…

Great food and drinks with a fantastic atmosphere served by friendly and some pretty cute waiters too! Bookings are essential.

LL Wine & Dine
42 Llanklley Place
Kings Cross, Sydney

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