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March 30, 2009

Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

by minibites

Disneyland was definitely the one of the highlights of my Japan trip – the air is sweeter and everyone is just so much more happier in Disneyland! There are no crying children, plenty of Mickey shaped food and novelties. Food wise, I found the all the Mickey shaped food highly entertaining. The cheeseburger was probably my favourite – served with a cup of chips, coke and a light strawberry mousse cake topped with a Mickey chocolate. The waffles were fresh, airy and crispy – although too much maple syrup made it a tad too sweet for my liking.

You’ll never be too old for Disneyland!

March 7, 2009

Okonomiyaki, Japan

by minibites

Convinced by my travel colleague once again, I fell into peer pressure to wait 30 minutes with a growling tummy for a table. And again, he was right – the food was fantastic, but the excitement and experience of watching them cook this on your table grill was worth the wait.

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese “pancake” served with a number of chosen ingredients, sometimes with yakisoba (noodles) and doused with teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. It typically consists of a batter, diced meat and loads of cabbage and egg as the “base” – this is mixed up violently by the host and left to slowly fry for a while. The host returns and layers thick egg noodles on both sids and it is left to fry until crispy and golden. Finally it is served with the sauces and you are left with food shovels and chopsticks to cut and share.

A definite must eat when visiting Japan – but start before your hunger hits!

March 3, 2009

Mister Donut, Romando Roll & Manneken Waffle, Japan

by minibites

Japan is filled with wonderful sugary treats. Prior to Japan, I never ate a donut with such a gleamy smile, in fact, I rarely would choose to eat a donut. This all changed after consuming Mister Donut for the first time and yes, donuts for breakfast. Their doughnuts are soft, light and fluffy and melt in your mouth. There are choices for everyone – whether you love chocolate, hate chocolate, love savories or enjoy the original cinnamon. I found Mister Donut in all the cities I visited, Osaka, Kyoto & Tokyo.

A common street treat is the crepe. Whether you like it sweet, sour, warm, cold, with or without icecream, fruity, nutty or creamy – they will have it all. My favourite encounter was the Romando Roll cart in Osaka, where the crepe roll was perfectly balanced with chocolate sauce, cream, strawberries and their secret for added crunch; corn flakes.

The last sugary delight is the Manneken Waffle, which are simply doughy belgium waffles – and without a doubt, it has every possible favour to suit your mood – chocolate, cinnamon, maple syrup and green tea. Eating waffles on the go seems a little self indulgent, but considering it’s location above Kyoto station and the amount of sets of stairs the Japanese people encounter, it’s a treat well worth having on a daily basis.

March 1, 2009


by minibites

My first ever overseas journey was to Japan in February this year. Next few posts will be dedicated to the wonderful food adventures I had over there. Jetsetting to this country was a food lover’s dream; all the types of food I have experienced is forever sketched in my mind and  have been great conversation starters. The way, the time and effort that the Japanese put into their foods is truly inspiring. Enjoy!