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July 25, 2011


by minibites


Cleverly concealed underneath the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle of Sydney’s CBD, Stitch is our first stop on the cocktail trail. From the outside, it could easily be missed as the dry cleaners with business shirts hanging, an old Singer machine and plentiful of yarns and threads. Push through the old wooden doors and follow the grand stairs to the bar that meets you at the bottom.


Stitch’s interior is quirky chic with dimly lit intimate little booths and private areas for groups. The no bookings policy means we’re left to eagle eye all the diners like prey and prepare to pounce on them as they begin to leave.


We’re fortunately lucky though to score one of the relatively private areas decked out with a velvet drapes, ol’ fashioned lights, spoon collections and a rather intriguing royal dog painting…

StitchThe French Poodle

StitchPork Burger

First things first, food is on the agenda – and for once, it’s not the “tease your tastebuds” tapas to share but solid hearty dishes of hot dogs, burgers, potato chunks and curly fries. The French Poodle sounds ever intriguing with a Toulouse styled sausage (French, pork & smoked bacon) flavoured with red wine and garlic topped with brie, pickled pear and dijon mustard. The Pork Burger also catches my eye, with BBQ pork with the usual burger suspects of carrot, cabbage, slaw and homemade spicy BBQ sauce – simple but oh so delicious. And not to forget the mountains of curly fries.


The cocktails were a hit and miss, my Pineapple Head was a delicious mix of rum and citrus flavours, whereas my fellow girls didn’t quite enjoy their overwhelming cocktails. Though if you like them straight up, here’s the place to go.

Perfect bar for a catch up after work with “hit me up I need a serious drink” attitude.

61 York St

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June 5, 2011

El Loco

by minibites

El Loco

Three day weekend means, tequilas and tacos! And there was without a doubt that there were plenty of people thinking the same with either a Corona or a margarita in their hand. Attached to The Excelsior Hotel by the hip, Dan Hong’s next adventure is here at El Loco; dishing up simple tacos, nachos, burgers and some tequila liquid courage to down everything down with.

El Loco

Knocked up in 7 days, the exterior is bright and colourful giving some life to the easily missed Surry Hills street. Inside, it’s a mix of new and old with crazy colourful prints across the wall, heated lamps, fairy lights, a bungalow looking bar and open kitchen with chefs crazily working away.

El Loco “Carne Asada” Taco

El Loco Excelsior Hot Dog & “Al Pastor” Torta

It’s hard to snap up a table, so we’re huddled around the corner bench chowing down our Mexican feast. There’s tacos to suit all from pork, beef, tofu and even the secret taco of the night. My Carne Asada Taco; lemongrass beef with salsa verde quickly arrives in a paper boat, warm and delicious.

For my cheese loving companion, he dives into the Excelsior Hot Dog; a grilled pork frankfurt on a super soft bun with picked jalepenos, pico ge gallo (salsa), mayo and plenty of soft, finely grated cheese that melt in your mouth. The cheese looks crazy and scary (I am slightly lactose intolerant), but I was being reassured that there really isn’t as much as it seems! Peeking from the corner of the photo is the Al Pastor Torta; the grilled marinated pork from the spit sandwiched between a seeded soft bun topped with crunchy cabbage, pico de gallo, mayo and with asian twist, coriander and spring onions. Mmm, it has to be my favourite.

Even though Mexican is not too fancy, it’s amazing that quality ingredients makes all the difference – meat that have been given tender loving care, and damn fresh bread.

El Loco

The bar is overflowing with slushie margaritas, Mexican beers and tequila shots. My favourite is the the El Loco slushy of El Jimador tequila, pink grapefruit and lime mixed with homemade coriander and raw ginger syrup. Definitely my sweet pick over the Classic Margarita.

When asked whether this is just a “pop up” or here to stay, the waitress was a little hush hush… so better get in regardless!

El Loco
64 Foveaux St
Surry Hills, Sydney 

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January 5, 2011

Costco, Melbourne

by minibites

In our February Melbourne trip, the boys were so intrigued by the American giant, Costco, that they decided to sign up for membership and shopped up big (literally)! Membership is $60 per year and is pretty worthwhile if one person signs up and the rest piggybacks off them, only catch is that they will need to pay at the counter. It’s hard to imagine how Melbournians can’t live cheap with bulk buy groceries and discount factory outlets everywhere. So every time we go back to Melbourne, we pay our big friend a visit.

Everything comes big big or in bulk. Chips came in big bags with equally 1kg jars of salsa… jellybeans come in kg tubs and can you really say no to 1.5kgs of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? For only $15? And oh, we made the most of it because we had car transportation of the goods back up to Sydney, win!

Costco cafeteria lives up to its name for being big. A hot dog with free soft drink refills for $2.50 and a giant pizza slice for $2.99. Oh major carbicide.

And Costco is opening up soon in Sydney… and 5 minutes away from me!

Costco Wholesale
381 Footscray Road
Docklands, Melbourne