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October 23, 2012

MoVida Sydney

by minibites



Stripped back bare to the bone, MoVida Sydney hides in the modern nook of Holt Street. MoVida brings to the table an unexpected twist on tapas styled dining without the need to pack your bags. Yes, Sydney brace yourselves as we finally get a little piece of MoVida love!

MovidaSangria & Croqueta 

Eenie meenie mo, and off we go – there’s no hestiation to kick things off with a few glasses of refreshing sangria. Our first flavourstarter entree are the croquettes, and despite the spicy “sound” of horseradish on the menu, it is in fact a crispy bundle of joy, of smoked eel, potato and horseradish.


Next up are two litle bowls of caldo, a savoury custard with almost a umami flavour of burnt onion and truffle consomme. Truffle doesn’t leave me weak at the knees but this one is dished up quite well.

MovidaPanfried Quail & Black Pudding Terrine

Slowly appreciating the world’s love affair of terrines, I slowly picked at the panfried terrine and taken by surprise. Panfrying definitely helps ease my texture issues of terrine and with an accompanying sweet blackcurrant sauce, it didn’t leave the dish feeling too black pudding-esque.



My foodie companion has been on a rave about Pedro Ximenez (I mean, who doesn’t love saying that name?!) so the slow cooked beef cheeks in Pedro were a no brainer. Served with a smooth, yet subtle cauliflower puree, the hearty beef cheek fell apart with the twist of the fork.

MovidaRabbit w/ Spring Vegetables

Along with the extensive menu, there’s quite a few daily specials and since we were going outside of the box, we dived into a colourful dish of rabbit (it’s official dish name escapes me), served with young spring veggies and jus. Keeping the “Bugs Bunny” images out of my mind, I couldn’t help but love the simplicity but flavours in the dish. A fresh welcome to Spring and warmer afternoons (finally!).


MovidaTarta Santiago

Rubbing our bellies, it was time for the dessert chamber to be opened. A almond fondant with a little oozing surprise definitely hit the spot with a scoop of not-too-sweet fig ice cream.


Upon first inspection of the menu, the unusual look of anchovies, black pudding, terrines and horseradish can look a little daunting, but lunch was absolutely delicious. Without having the pleasure of dining at the Melbourne MoVidas, this one definitely hits high on my hot-to-go list in Sydney at the moment.

MoVida Sydney
50 Holt St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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July 17, 2011

Couture Cake Cupcake Decorating Class

by minibites

I’ve always enjoyed the smiles and oohs and aahs that come from people admiring fondant decorated cupcakes, and although I admit they are not the most flavoursome things on a cake, it’s amazing what things this icing can make.

My fellow baker and I spent our Saturday morning learning some neat tricks and tips from the pros at Couture Cake in a quick 2-hour class. It felt like being in kindergarten all over again moulding and rolling play-doh textured icing and cutting our wonderful shapes and faces.

Cupcake Couture Class

Cupcake Couture Class

Beginning with 6 plain cupcakes, we begin by spreading chocolate ganache and white fondant as a base for our decorations. We dive into the world of quilting, edible pearls, shimmer dust, floral tools, cutters, water and edible pens – learning to make 3D ladybugs and flowers, balloons and cheesy bears.

Cupcake Couture Class

The tools that are definitely going on my wishlist is a water pen (so much easier to use than a paintbrush & pot of water!), KopyKake edible pen for fiddly details, a set of ball tools for 3D flowers, a quilting tool and plenty of cutters! And not to forget, the wonders of what a square of transparency paper, which is used as little sander for the white bases.

Cupcake Couture Class

This lesson was purchased on the daily deal website, JumpOnIt. More classes are available on the website.

Couture Cake Classes