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October 18, 2011

Li’l Darlin

by minibites

Li'l Darlin

You gotta love a good bar like this. It’s nothing extraordinary but it just does what a good bar should do, ticking the right boxes with delicious bar food, scrumptious pizzas, alcohol and thankfully, plenty of seats. It’s buzzing on a Friday night with people kicking off their weekend escapades with spots at the bar, down the communal marble table, seats by the window or the cosy little two-seaters along the wall.

The menu is made to share, but the tapas sized dishes mean you can selfishly eat the whole dish without sharing (hint hint, like the peking duck pizza…..)

Li'l Darlin Salt & Pepper Calamari

Li'l Darlin
Seared Scallops

Feeling the generous and sharing mood, we’re kick off with some you-can’t-say-no salt and calamari with a side of sauces; delicious and piping hot bite sized pieces. Nothing amazing but it’s hot and fresh, and not elastically, so that’s comforting.

For something a little spesh, it’s the seared scallops. It’s not long when they arrive on a bed of cauliflower puree, crispy pancetta pieces, lime, tomato and a drizzle of brown nut butter sauce danced around on my tastebuds. Delish.

Li'l Darlin
Chilli-BBQ Ribs

Li'l Darlin Crispy Peking Duck Pizza

Continuing the two person chow down, next up are the messy and saucilious pork ribs. They pull off the bone with no trouble and are coated in Li’l Darlin’s signature chilli BBQ sauce. With our saucy grins and BBQ smelling fingers, we dive into the side of kipfler potato chips with aioli. Mmmm!

And when you read crispy peking duck pizza on a menu, you really can’t go past without ordering (plus having a food blogging colleague always helps, hello!). The pizza is crispy thin with lashings of peking duck, hoi sin sauce, shallots, cucumbers, coriander and the magical hints of star anise and cinnamon glaze that ties it altogether. Definitely giving Mad Pizza e Bar up the road a run for its money!

Li'l Darlin Homemade dough sticks w Belgian chocolate

The dessert menu is still sadly very short and it calls for the home made dough sticks. If you’re a lover of fresh bread then this is a treat. Warm, doughy goodness dipped in Belgian milk chocolate is not bad, not bad at all.

Li'l Darlin

If Li’l Darlin continues to kick on with crazy stunts like chilli bbq pork ribs and crispy peking duck pizza, then there won’t be spare seats on a Friday night soon…

Li’l Darlin
235 Victoria Rd
Darlinghurst, Sydney

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August 22, 2011

Food Society

by minibites

Food Society

Being an ex-neighbour of this bar, it was bittersweet to be back in our old neighbourhood, amazed by how they transformed a run down cooking school into a lavish restaurant and bar. The dishes are designed to share with a modern Eastern European flavour, so think of warm soups, meaty dumplings and slow cooked meats; perfect for a cold Winter’s night. Much to my delight, it began to remind me of our memorable night at Borsh Vodka and Tears.

Food Society

We wander through the brightly lit reception where bubbly staff greet us and our coats are taken and stored away in vintage closets. The feeling is intriguing with Euro trance beats pumping in the background, floral wallpaper, grey walls, antique pieces and persian rugs.

Food Society Beetroot & Vodka Cured Ocean Trout Blini

Food Society
Pierogi w/ organic pork

Appetizers roll out, beginning with soft blinis (pancakes) topped with a ribbon of beetroot & vodka cured ocean trout, roe and dill cream; and they were absolutely amazing with multiple flavour bursts. Next up are the meaty pierogi which are another variation of the Polish dumpling, uszka, but uses a slightly different dough. They’re filled with organic pork and roasted shallots with sprinkles of salty bacon pieces, mmmmm!

Food Society
Borscht w/ organic smoked ham hock 

The borscht is next companied with mini bowls to share; a Ukrainian soup mainly made of beetroot and served with organic smoked ham hock and of course, a dollop of sour cream. It tastes like a beetroot puree with strands of ham, although my Russian counterpart is less impressed of its texture.

Food SocietyBeef short rib 

The “substantials” on the menu are the meatier and heartier dishes. The beef short ribs braised in dark beer sit on top of a soft white polenta and are served with buttered sprouts on a wooden block. The meat is slightly overcooked but with a few spoonfuls of the sauce, it’s salvable.

Food SocietyTen hour braised lamb shoulder 

Alongside the pierogi dumplings being my favourite of the night, the ten hour braised lamb shoulder is amazing. Served in a red hot ceramic dish with field mushrooms, white bean puree and fresh mint jelly; it gets many nods of satisfaction across the table.

Food Society
Selsko Meso

The Selsko Meso is a Balkan style slow cooked stew filled with pork neck, red peppers, tomatoes and spices aplenty. With pork neck being more muscular, flavoursome and fattier than the shoulder, being slow cooked, it’s as tender as it can get amongst the stew of spices.

Food Society
Society Baked Pashka

Food Society
Sour Cherry Dumplings

Disappointingly, the desserts are not up the scratch. The Food Society’s take on the pashka, a Russian cheese dessert is a little bland and not as sweet as anticipated, despite the jam and almonds drizzled on top. As for the sour cherry dumplings that my Russian foodie was so excited about was another let down. Possible that our cravings for sweet ending tarnished our judgements, but hopefully more inventive desserts could blossom in the future.

Food Society

It’s the beginnings of a great new restaurant with Euro ambience and flavour to match.

Food Society
91 Riley St
Darlinghurst, Sydney 

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November 5, 2010

Love, Tilly Devine

by minibites

It’s great to see Sydney take advantage of little alleyways with quirky new bar set ups. Love, Tilly Divine is the latest addition to the neighbourhood; freshly opened and hidden away in the back alleyways of Darlinghurst. The little wine bar is nicely furnished with rustic features, intimate corners that you can nestle in with a glass of good quality wine.

The staff are super knowledgeable and wine is their expertise, so like me, let them know what you enjoy out of a wine and they are kind enough to pick one that will tickle your fancy. While you’re there, grab a few nibbles – the salami platter and flavoured olives are good starters.

Love Tilly Devine

Love, Tilly Devine
91 Crown Lane
Darlinghurst, Sydney

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November 3, 2009

Melbourne Cup Banquet @ Lord Roberts Hotel

by minibites

Toasted turkish bread pane de casa & rye bread

Peking duck pancake, lamb cutlet with mint & pine nut pesto, thai style prawn served on a betel leaf

As a special occasion, our boss treated the office to a lovely luncheon at the local corner pub, the Lord Roberts Hotel. As a big group, we were confined to the Melbourne Cup set menu. We chit and chatter before the anticipation of the race that stops the nation while munching on warm turkish breads.

The entrees roll out, and as an eager peking duck pancake and betel leaf lover, I was happily satisfied with the entrees. A slight disappointment with the lamb cutlet, although I am not a avid lamb eater, I found the meat to be too tough, although the mint & pine nut pesto was a fantastic compliment to mask the chewiness texture – my only wish would have been a little more generosity with the sauce.

Seafood platter

The main consisted of a seafood platter to share, overflowing with salt & pepper squid, beer battered fish bites, fresh tiger prawns, balmain bugs, smoked salmon, chipm salad and tartare sauce. Oddly enough, the waiter was serving the mains during the big race! The platter was enjoyable – but everything apart from the salt & pepper squid was rather bland and tasted like every other seafood platter, lacking the little “wow” from component to component on the platter.

Assorted cheese & fruit platter

Dessert is a big winner for me – whenever there is a mediocre main but an amazing dessert, it can change my overall judgement of the meal. A slight frown emerged on my face when the typical cheese and fruit platter was served, although, I couldn’t really ask for more from your local pub with a small kitchen pumping food for hungry guests in 35 degree weather.

Lord Roberts Hotel
Cnr Riley St & Stanley St
East Sydney

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September 14, 2009

Boon Chocolates

by minibites

Boon Chocolates

A little hidden gem in Darlinghurst by a brother and sister combo. Driven by curiousity as it was recommended by one of my work colleagues; it was destined that we were going to have a sugary and chocolate filled brunch. We’re well greeted and led upstairs to warm Victorian room decorated with chocolate coloured walls, candles and classical music – she even asks whether the music is suited to our moods at the time; a charming gesture.We order tea and waffles, which were quite filling for us until the late afternoon. Unfortunately, I was chocolate overwhelmed so I didn’t purchase any boxed chocolates – which gives me good reason to go back!

Boon, 251 Victoria Rd, Darlinghurst
Belgium waffle served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream & warm chocolate sauce

It’s a little hidden gem in Darlinghurst which is run by a brother and sister combo. Recommended by one of my work colleagues; it was destined that we were going to have a sugary and chocolate filled brunch! We were all well greeted and we were led upstairs to a warm Victorian room decorated with chocolate coloured walls, candles and classical music. Our host even asked whether the music was suitable – which is a very charming and notably nice gesture. We order tea and waffles which were quite filling for us until the late afternoon. The waffles were great but super sugary as per usual, but Boon would definitely be my choice over Max Benners’ in the Belgium waffle chocolate cafe category. Unfortunately, the chocolate overload held me back from choosing some boxed chocolates but it leaves me good reason to go back!

251 Victoria Rd
Darlinghurst, Sydney

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