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July 24, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch @ The Village

by minibites

The Village

For a little more wild and hot spot to giggle and gossip that’s inappropriate for High Tea – The Village is perfect to leave the boys at home for a weekend brunch sesh. Think of creamy vibrant dips, juicy marinated olives, tossed salads and indulgent desserts and jugs of Pimms… cue the group text message.

The VillagePimms & Lemonade

With a Sydney filled with cafes and their no-bookings policy, Ladies Who Lunch is the perfect for those who love to get organised. The set menu doesn’t disappoint and is enough to fill the entire afternoon up.

The Village

The VillageAntipasto Plate

The Village
Sicilian Arancini

Nothing else gets the tastebuds revving but a good ol’ antipasto platter filled with cured meats, peppers, olives, dips and it’s all hands on deck with rounds of toasted garlic sourdough as our utensils. Juxtaposing the cold, arancini balls filled with piping hot spinach and smoked mozzarella work a treat.

The Village
Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid

A simultaneous agreeance comes about when the salt & pepper squid arrived. No one hesitated play friendly to fight for the last piece of this dipped generously in a side of chili aioli.

The VillageMargherita Pizza

The Village
Roasted Pumpkin

The Village

And if that wasn’t enough, a piping hot thin crusted pizza with bubbles of cheese, fresh slithers of tomato and basil and plenty of the good herby stuff. But it’s also a nice relief to see more bowls of colour with a roasted pumpkin salad with a mix of pine nuts, baby spinach and marinated crumbles of feta. And one of the best food marriages is fresh torn basil and tomatoes with drizzles of balsamic vinegar.

The Village
Chocolate Fondant

The Village
Apple & Berry Crumble

After a solid savoury interlude, the creme de la creme sugar finale is brought forth. A piping hot chocolate fondant served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and the sweetest berry coulis. The other, a layered apple and berry crumble with vanilla anglaise. Delish.

The Village
The Village

Rubbing our bellies full, it’s a satisfying afternoon playing catch up and the perfect excuse to wear heels during the day. It is a set menu (min. of 4) so grab a few girlfriends and have a cheeky midday feast!

Minibites and a guest dined courtesy of The Mews.

The Village
1 Kellett Way
Potts Point, Sydney

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March 20, 2011

Taste of Sydney 2011

by minibites

It was time once again to whip out the picnic blanket, loose shirts and expandable pants because it’s Taste of Sydney!! A showcase of Sydney’s top restaurants offering mini versions of their best.

Assisette; Crispy pork belly, cashew nut caramel with palm treacle and roast cashews

District Dining; Spicy free range Lilydale chicken with lime aioli and coleslaw

To kick start us off, it was first up to Warren Turnbull’s Assisette and District Dining. Pork belly was slightly undercrisp on our dish, but the watermelon, cashew nut caramel and mint all worked wonderfully. Would have been perrrrrfect if only the pork belly was super crispy! Next up was District Dining’s famous fried chicken, and mmmm! Everyone loves a slightly healthier version of KFC. Great tender juicy chicken on the inside with a spicy crispy outer and cooled down with some lime aioli and fresh coleslaw.

Four in Hand; Confit pork belly, squid, chorizo, chickpeas

Four in Hand; Dark chocolate snickers

To feed our expanding bellies, is another pork belly. This dish was a meaty delight with the pork belly, tender and falling apart and sitting in a bed of Mediterranean flavours. Their deconstructed dark chocolate snickers was a chocolaholic’s delight with warm caramel, oozing chocolate, nuts, ice cream.

Etch Dining; Seared scallops with cauliflower bhaji and curry

Justin North presents this seafood delight that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and palate. It had wonderfully seared scallops with a little curry oil and cauliflower bhaji; an Indian vegetable fritter filled with herbs and spices.

A Tavola & Omerta; Potato gnocchi with slow cooked lamb ragu

The Italian duo, A Tavola & Omerta from Darlinghurst, presented an amazing dish of super soft melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi with creamy also melt-in-your-mouth slow cooked lamb ragu. Delight! Also, on a random note, they own Messina on the same street (Victoria St), and it has the absolutely BEST gelato in Sydney.

L’etoile; Slow cooked shoulder of lamb, smoked potato puree and jus

We definitely couldn’t go pass the opportunity of sampling Mr suave French man, Manu Feidel’s L’etoile. Manu serves up a generous portion of slow cooked lamb shoulder on a bed of smoked potato puree (amaaazing!) and they were a little light handed on the jus, I wanted more! He also stopped to take a breather by taking photos with the swarm of girls (and men!) making their way towards him. Sweet!

Flying Fish; Black pepper and curry leaf prawn skewers with lime & fresh coconut

Flying Fish; Seared petuna ocean trout with a white curry sauce, jasmine rice, raw vegetable sambal

Last year, Flying Fish had my favourite dishes of the day with prawns and tuna with crackling. This year, they’ve done it again – bringing generous portions of black pepper and curry flavoured prawns and ocean trout. This year, the prawns were nicely skewered, and topped with lime and fresh coconut. The second dish was a slightly seared trout sitting on a bed of fluffy jasmine rice, white curry sauce. Slightly seared meant the fish was tender and soft on the inside. Can I say amazing any more times in this post?

For the first time, Taste brought along the Sensology Bar; with the option to have your cocktail made or learn to make your own! With the classic Pina Colada song pumping in the background, we learn in a quick 15 minute class the basics of cocktail making, the equipment and ingredients for our Pina Colada. Muddled fresh pineapples and coconut juice, sugar, ice, rum and shake, shake shake! Top with more ice and a pineapple leaf and viola!

Bird Cow Fish; Tiramisu roulade with caramel sauce

I’ve always been a fan of tiramisu so I definitely jumped at the opportunity to try Bird Cow Fish’s tiramisu roulade. Simply delicious, with the perfect balance of chocolate, coffee and marcarspone – even my fellow anti-coffee foodie granted it a “mmmm!” and took a second spoonful.

Victor Churchill; Creme brulee

Lucky last, one of the best desserts is Victor Churchill’s creme brulee. For those who haven’t been to Victor Churchill, it’s definitely worth an excursion. This butchery (yes, butchery that makes desserts) shows others in town how to make raw meat look super sexy by hanging hams and pork legs elegantly behind glass cabinets. On a totally unrelated talent, Victor Churchill makes one of the best creme brulees I have devoured. A crunchy sugary top protecting a chilled creme brulee with hints of vanilla bean baked through.

Another year gone, can’t wait till next year!

Taste of Sydney
March 10-13th 2011
Centennial Park, Sydney