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November 30, 2011

La Bodeguita Del Medio

by minibites

La Bodeguita Del Medio

La Bodeguita Del Medio

“My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita”, even our greatest were fans of mojitos. La Bodeguita has one of the most intriguing interiors smack bang in the middle of the Sydney CBD. With its blue washed walls, cosy little cubicles, or a seat at the bar, it feels as though you’re transported to a place oh so tropical and very far away from the Sydney bus stops. It’s never too early in the week for a mojito so, yeeeha!

La Bodeguita Del MedioMojito!

La Bodeguita Del Medio
Ropa Vieja

Being indecisive as can be, the waitress recommends the Ropa Vieja; a braised lamb neck served with cuban rice and a black bean vinaigrette. Growing up with jasmine rice everyday, I love basmati rice, cous cous, any grain that isn’t white and fluffy. Without any hesitation, I say, yes please! And also order the ceviche, which my mouth waters by even looking at the menu.

Luckily, we’re sharing entrees as the lamb is enormous (but this is soon going to be moved into a main). The lamb falls apart easily with the fork and its flavours are succulent and reminds me of my grandma’s cooking; homey and comforting.

La Bodeguita Del MedioCeviche Del Dia

The second entree is a Peruvian style ceviche filled with a kick, pow and wow! I’m relieved that I have the cuban rice to calm down my quivering lip but it’s one of those ever so addictive chili dishes that you keep downing the mojitos and reaching for more…

La Bodeguita Del Medio
Lomo De Res

My lucky dining companion chooses the porterhouse steak served with chimichurri and a handful of rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes. I’m enjoying the relief of steaks no longer drowning in sauce with the smokiness flowing through. I’m also guilty of leaning over more than once to steal the crispy yet fluffy potatoes.

La Bodeguita Del MedioPato Con Chocolate

Hung with another decision, the waitress also suggested I go for the duck and chocolate. I looked at her with a raised eyebrow but she slowly reassured me it’s worth the risk. I’m not a duck goer, but I really enjoyed its tenderness and surprisingly little fattiness. The sweet potato puree and light yet sweet chocolate sauce tied everything in wonderfully.

La Bodeguita Del Medio
Cafe Y Caramelo

Stuffed to our core, we share the Cae Y Caramelo; a guilty pleasure mocha dome with a side of candied peanuts, salted caramel ice cream and  peanuty sand. A well rounded dessert with plenty of textures and a mix of sweet and salty, mmm!

La Bodeguita Del Medio

Minibites and a guest dined courtesy of La Bodeguita Del Medio.

La Bodeguita Del Medio
125 York St, Sydney

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