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February 27, 2011

Nu’s Restaurant

by minibites

Confession. I’m actually the let’s-just-chill-at-home and the very unromantic one in the relationship. We met for the first time (and sorta had our first date) on Valentines’ Day many, many years ago! We’re not huge hallmark celebrators, but this year he organised a low key dinner at Nu’s Restaurant. Nu’s is a little corner restaurant on an amazing street that smells of food as you stroll along it, gorgeous terraces and views of the tips of the harbour.

Avocado tartlets with crispy squid

Betal leaves with pork belly and sweet quail egg

To wet our appetites is a double dose of entree; a perfect bite size of mouthful of cold avocado paste topped with a crisp squid, and shame it was only a mouthful worth… The other entree was a betal leaf packed with shredded pork belly, herbs topped with a sweet quail egg.

Singha beer battered barramundi fillet

Panang curry with chicken and kaffir lime

For mains, we shared a Singha beer battered barramundi with an amazing crispy crust sitting on a bed of green mango, chilli, coriander and roasted peanuts. The salad was refreshing and light with a zing and a tang. Next up was a light panang chicken curry served in a huge bottomless coconut. Super light with generous amounts of chicken pieces and just the right amount of spice (for me at least!).

Coconut creme brulee

To finish, we crack the warm sugary layer of a delicious coconut creme brulee and cold coconut sorbet to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Delicious meal in a gorgeous naturally lit restaurant (which I love!!). Thank you mister.

Nu’s Restaurant
178 Blues Point Rd
McMahon’s Point, Sydney

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February 8, 2011

Longrain Bar & Restaurant

by minibites

After the Taste of Sydney 2010, Longrain has always been on my bucket list of restaurants to go to. It’s another one of those restaurants with the no reservations rule, so timing is key! To avoid the lines, gear up to head over there at 6pm to grab a seat at the long wooden communal tables.

Push through the tall double entrance doors and enter into a wide open space with minimal decorations, wooden beams and simplicity. Walk to the left, it’s the bar which packs a very extensive cocktail menu enough to last the night, or walk to the right, and it’s the restaurant with the betal leaves and eggnet.

Prawn betel leaf

To kick off, heart shaped betal leaves topped with fresh prawns, peanuts, roasted coconut and ginger are packed to the punch with immense flavours. One of bite of crunchiness, sweetness, a little tang and nuttiness. A perfect entree.

Eggnet filled with pork prawns peanuts bean sprouts & sweet vinegar

Grilled angus beef rib with lemongrass & chili

For our mains, the eggnet and beef rib are shared. And portions are tremendously generous. Much like other modern asian cuisines, the eating theory behind Longain is that it’s made for sharing. The eggnet arrives and it is humongous. Impressively weaved, it encases plenty of beansprouts, pork, prawns and drizzled with a sweet vinegar, with a balance of sweet and sour.

The grilled angus beef rib rolls out shortly after, and we’re in awe at the size. We really didn’t expect the “rib” on the menu to be one singular rib. The beef is soft and tender with a little char and caramelisation. The slow cooked meat falls off the bone and the curry soup is a little spicy but just enough.

It’s a lovely place for a cocktail (or two) and a gigantic banquet feast.

Longrain Restaurant & Bar
85 Commonwealth St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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