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October 13, 2011

Table for 20

by minibites

Table for 20

Tucked away behind a roller door is the double treat of Sticky Bar and Table for 20. The door is still unmarked but they are now kind enough to chalkboard the wall. Text to get in, wander past the cooler room, random boxes, motorcycle and windy staircases into the top floor of Sticky, filled with eclectic furniture, gorgeous light features and sinkable couches.

Sticky is still pretty awesome with more seats, a private room and chilled out bartenders. Tell them your choice of liquid courage and they’ll mix you something good.


Instead of a night of nibbles and cocktails at the bar, we’re in for a dinner treat. Table for 20’s concept is “neighbourhood dining” with shared plates, good ol’ gourmet food, and glasses and glasses of vino.

Table for 20

The mood is intimate, friendly and chatty. The room is buzzing with people meeting and greeting their new neighbours for the night. Our dinner kicks off when our host introduces himself and the menu for the night. It’s a 3 course Italian inspired meal with shared dishes that he would enjoy every night at home. Quality home styled dishes made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Table for 20Fresh Pappardelle w/ Mushrooms

Table for 20Pork Chop w/ Tomato Salad & Roasted Potatoes

Our first course is an amazing fresh pappardelle pasta made that very morning; absolutely melt in your mouth and needed nothing really but a light sauce and plenty of mushrooms. I could have left after this and been very satisfied and happy. The roasted pork chop was needless to say, as simple as it can be. Amazingly crusted served with a mixed tomato salad, roasted potatoes and a sweet apple sauce.

Table for 20Flourless Chocolate cake w/ Sour Cherries & Fresh Cream

Bursting at the seams, we top off with an entire flourless chocolate cake served at the table. Thick and moist with hidden contrasting bursts of sour cherries. And wow, what a finish!

The amazing dinners happen every Wed – Saturday night with live music and BYO, but make sure you text 0416 096 916 for a seat.

Table for 20
182 Campbell St
Surry Hills 

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June 12, 2011

Cafe Pacifico

by minibites

Cafe Pacifico

On the outside, Cafe Pacifico is like an abandoned restaurant decked in red and laced with an ol’ school sign. But at night is where all the magic happens, walking down Riley St, you’ll begin to hear music and laughter, bright lights and the clanking of tequila shot glasses.

Walking up the seedy and colourful staircase, we’re welcomed by smiling faces at the door who walk us over to mismatching coloured tables and chairs. Dim candles light up the table along with crunchy nacho chips to keep the waiting happy.

Cafe Pacifico

To be honest, Mexican cuisine isn’t too much drama, it’s always the same ol’ refried black beans, meats, lettuce, guacamole and tomatoes – whether they are pre-prepared or DIY. As a group, we’ve opted for the Mexican banquet menu ($33 per person).

For our entrees, crunchy nachos kick us off and for our mains, it’s DIY time with a generous wooden platter of the goods for us to wrap in fresh soft tortillas. Douse with tabasco and viola!

Cafe PacificoPina Colada 

The food isn’t spectacular but feel truly transported to Mexico with friendly staff, cocktails and amazing tequila tasting platters (yep, that’s right – tequila platters).

Cafe Pacifico
95 Riley St
Darlinghurst, Sydney 

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April 26, 2011

The Winery by Gazebo, Surry Hills

by minibites

The Winery

The Winery has been around for quite some time now, and since my last visit it has been busy expanding its cheeky elegant glamour all over Sydney. All aside, it’s a gorgeous sunny day, and time to wind down with our annual company lunch banquet, so it’s back to Crown St!

The interior is an amusing mix, much like walking into the vintage store of a hoarder; overmelted candles, animal prints, uncoordinated draped curtains, stuffed animals on the wall and mismatching photo frames and furniture.

Veal & chorizo sausage roll with tomato & chilli jam

Rocket, parmesan, grapefruit & pinenut salad

Stuffed roasted mushrooms with ricotta, pineuts & pesto

To kick start our lunch feast, there’s fresh breads to share along with an amazing gourmet sausage roll, simple rocket salad and stuffed mushrooms. The chorizo sausage roll seems like simpleton food, but the real key is solid meat with crunchy leave-flakes-all-over-your-chin pastry. Delish! Alongside are juicy mushrooms generously stuffed with cheesy ricotta with a drizzle of pesto.

Sauteed pumpkin & ricotta ravioli, sage, pine nuts, burnt butter & confit cherry tomatoes

Slow roasted sirloin, creamy mash, caramelised eschallots & a Pinot jus

Grilled Tasman salmon on crushed peas & broad beans with a saffron, lime & tomato buerre blanc

For my main, I devoured a delicious tender grilled salmon sitting on a generous bed of crushed peas and broad beans. The fish is cooked perfectly with just the right touch of seasoning. And to think that The Winery is all girly, it serves up a mean steak. I steal a bite of the man sized steak off my colleague… Juicy and meaty with enough delicious jus to round it all off.

Double chocolate brownie, fairy floss & vanilla bean ice cream

No feast is complete without a sweet and sugary dessert. The decadent warm double chocolate brownie topped with cold vanilla ice cream and sweet, sweet fairy floss seriously brings everyone at the table to a chocolate comatose state. Delicious yet deadly.

The Winery
285a Crown St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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November 3, 2009

Melbourne Cup Banquet @ Lord Roberts Hotel

by minibites

Toasted turkish bread pane de casa & rye bread

Peking duck pancake, lamb cutlet with mint & pine nut pesto, thai style prawn served on a betel leaf

As a special occasion, our boss treated the office to a lovely luncheon at the local corner pub, the Lord Roberts Hotel. As a big group, we were confined to the Melbourne Cup set menu. We chit and chatter before the anticipation of the race that stops the nation while munching on warm turkish breads.

The entrees roll out, and as an eager peking duck pancake and betel leaf lover, I was happily satisfied with the entrees. A slight disappointment with the lamb cutlet, although I am not a avid lamb eater, I found the meat to be too tough, although the mint & pine nut pesto was a fantastic compliment to mask the chewiness texture – my only wish would have been a little more generosity with the sauce.

Seafood platter

The main consisted of a seafood platter to share, overflowing with salt & pepper squid, beer battered fish bites, fresh tiger prawns, balmain bugs, smoked salmon, chipm salad and tartare sauce. Oddly enough, the waiter was serving the mains during the big race! The platter was enjoyable – but everything apart from the salt & pepper squid was rather bland and tasted like every other seafood platter, lacking the little “wow” from component to component on the platter.

Assorted cheese & fruit platter

Dessert is a big winner for me – whenever there is a mediocre main but an amazing dessert, it can change my overall judgement of the meal. A slight frown emerged on my face when the typical cheese and fruit platter was served, although, I couldn’t really ask for more from your local pub with a small kitchen pumping food for hungry guests in 35 degree weather.

Lord Roberts Hotel
Cnr Riley St & Stanley St
East Sydney

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