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September 1, 2012

San Francisco, USA

by minibites


Laid back and chilled; San Francisco is home of the food trucks, take-away, the Golden Gate Bridge and picturesque “Full House” homes. There’s plenty of character, friendly places and the most amazing views of the city from it’s crazy topsy turvy roads.

San Fran

After hitting a long weekend of partying in Vegas, it was nice to lay back, catch up on sleep before we hit the road again to NYC. Staying in Japantown was an interesting part of town and quite convenient to head up to Mission, SOMA and the Bay area. A car is highly recommended to fully soak in the sights and for food truck hunting!

Lusk 25, SF

Lusk 25, SFTwentyFive Lusk

Our first night lead us to SOMA, a pretty hip and happenin’ part of town when the sun sets. We hide from the outrageous wind and cold (even in the Summer..) in TwentyFive Lusk. Decked with fireplaces, bare timbers and candle lights; it looks as warm as it is.

Nom Nom

Food trucking is the way to go in San Francisco. It’s embedded into the culture and the chase of hunting one down in time, gets any food blogger into an natural high. Get geared up with napkins, picnic blankets and bibs as there’s a huge variety from burgers, burritos, rice, cupcakes and even, ramen. Roaming Hunger was one of my favourite sites to follow where they conveniently collate all the Twitter feeds into one.

JapacurryJapacurry Food Truck

Nom NomNom Nom Food Truck

Nom NomNom Nom’s Banh Mi

Our first find had our knickers in a knot as we’re huge fans of The Great Food Truck Race – a reality TV show that showcased a number of food trucks in challenges across the US. The Nom Nom Truck took the good ol’ banh mi on the road and came up in 2nd place. Japacurry was hot on our radar as we have been craving a bowl of rice since LA. With queues around the corner, the katsu curry, teriyaki chicken and bento boxes sell out within minutes.

Kara's Cupcakes

Kara's Cupcakes

On the sweeter side of the food trucking business, Cupcake Wars‘ winner, Kara has an abundance of sweets. One of my favourites is the good ol’ vanilla which is soft as clouds with just enough frosting and sprinkles.


HaparamenHaparamen’s More Pork Ramen

What I love about San Fran is the love for food collaboration in its culture; with food truck meet ups (over 25 in one spot!) and local restaurants that close up on a night kindly offer their kitchens to food truckers to come in and take over. After an expensive walk into a snowboard shop, we stumbled into Wild Wings that food truck Haparamen took the night’s reigns of. Delish!

Little Skillet

Little SkilletLittle Skillet’s Chicken & Waffles 

There’s also a craze with chicken & waffles. Absolutely as straight forward as it sounds, it is just, plain fried chicken with waffles on the side. Madly searching, we ended back in the back alleyways of SOMA at Little Skillet for a oily fry up that lead us all into a 3 hour food coma.



Our love affair with Tom Colicchio’s never-ending restaurants continued on in SF. There’s a huge trend and success for top-end restaurants to open up a sandwich joint, so ‘wichcraft was no brainer. Good ol’ sandwiches (they call burgers, sandwiches) with a pick me up coffee and bag of crisps.

El Farolito

El Farolito

And when in doubt, hit up Mission St for some street style tucker. Yelp! led us to El Farolito, and keeping the appearances aside, the queues go out the door serving up fat burritos, overflowing tacos and nachos.

Lombard St

While in San Fran, don’t forget to pay a visit to the windiest street in the world, Lombard St!

TwentyFive Lusk
25 Lusk St
SOMA, CA 94107

25 Lusk on Urbanspoon

Nom Nom Food Truck

Japacurry Food Truck


Little Skillet
360 Ritch St
(between 3rd & 4th St)
San Francisco, CA

Little Skillet on Urbanspoon

868 Mission St
(between 4th & 5th St)
Mission, CA 94103

'Wichcraft on Urbanspoon

El Farolito
2279 Mission St
(between 23rd & 24th St)
Mission, CA 94110

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March 11, 2011

Ms G’s

by minibites

Walk into the world of modern Asian fusion dishes and inspired cocktails. Ms G’s been on the block for quite some time now, with people spilling through the doors. Ms G’s has ulitised the space wonderfully with 4 levels of goodness. We’re stationed on the rope level decked out with hanging ropes of course, graffiti on the walls and amazing views overlooking into the cityscape.

Mini banh mi

The girls kick start the night with the infamous mini banh mi filled with chicken katsu or pork belly topped with a tangy yet slightly spicy sauce. Banh mi are Vietnamese baguettes filled with pickled carrots and daikon, cucumbers, coriander, soy sauce and meat slices. Simply ingenious to put pork belly in a baguette.

Grilled calamari, black pudding, coriander salsa verde

For shared mains, the night kicks off with good ol’ calamari, fancy style. It’s slightly grilled sitting on a creamy and flavoursome coriander salsa verde. On its own, it doesn’t work. But all together in one whopping bite, it does. I’ve never been a fan of black pudding, or otherwise known as blood sausage, as my palate never understood the strange texture, smell or flavour. I did try it though, just a little… teeny bite.

Braised pork belly “hue style”, konnyaku noodles, lemongrass, chilli broth

This was one of my favourite savoury dishes of the night. The fatty, tender pieces of pork belly are braised in a hue styled broth; both light and spicy. The best noodles are used to top it off, little knots of light konnyaku noodles; which are Japan’s super health noodles (low carb, low calories and high fibre!) and are made from the konnyaku potato. Delicious!

Stir fried rice noodles, grain fed beef, chilli, herbs, peanuts

Our final main is a little on the plainer and uninventive end, and sadly disappointing. The rice noodles are tossed together with some light sauces, herbs, peanuts and topped with slightly overcooked beef cubes.

Green Iced Tea, Ms G’s Famous Yuzu Slushee, Pina “Pearls” Colada

After a painstakingly long week, it didn’t take long before four little girls indulged in over half of the entire cocktail list. As my cocktail palate prefers fruity cocktails, my favourite of the night was the Green Tea cocktail served in the bubble tea cup with a mix of Zubrowka vodka, cloud & mist tea, grapefruit bitters, green apple and soda. The Polish vodka works here, it’s dry and has an unique fruity, fresh note.

On the sour end of cocktails, the Yuzu is a favourite; the limoncello (a Italian lemon liqueur) works well with the vodka, yuzu juice and orange bitters. The Aloe Vera and Choya Cobbler were also causing “mmms” and licking lips around the table.

Stoner’s Delight

A night out with the girls never ends without dessert. The Stoner’s Delight catches our eye and it’s a crazy (good) mess of banana ice cream, chocolate, crushed pretzels, peanut brittle, toasted marshmallows and chocolate rice bubbles cubes. It’s not a high class dessert, but it works, particularly with the Gen Y’s, bringing back memories of school fete days filled with peanut brittle pieces, rice bubble crackle filled patty cases and toasted marshmallows.

Ms G'sPandan Chiffon Cake

But the hero of the night is the pandan chiffon cake, which by this point, the combination of darkness and tipsyness equals blurry photo. Imagine a warm yet light and fluffy pandan chiffon cake sitting on a bed of sweet sago, all topped with a freezing cold scoop of coconut sorbet and finally garnished with sweet strawberries. Mmmmmm!

Get in early to kick back over bubble tea cocktails, banh mi and lipsmacking desserts.

Ms G’s
155 Victoria St
Potts Point, Sydney

Ms G's on Urbanspoon