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January 27, 2013


by minibites


Hartsyard gets it right. It’s a little restaurant that has found the right balance of being innovative yet keeping the it real. We’re a chatty bunch, but the food gives us silent intermissions between each dish as we munch.

HartsyardSalmon Cooked in a Jar

Seated with a menu in hand, it’s common courtesy to ask the others what they’re keen for tonight. “Meat! Lots of meat!” my Russian dining companion demands and we’re lucky. The menu is divided into Seed & Feed, with “seed” being nibblish, yet still a very substantial portion. “Feed” are the larger dishes, but all in all, are designed to share.

Our only “seed” is a jar filled with salmon. Yes, I had to admit there was a little pre-assumption that the jar is a bit of smoke and mirrors. But no, it was one of the best smoked salmon with boasting credentials the next day. A fresh dollop of creme fraiche on the side, greens, pickled gherkins and home baked rye bread crisps.

Hartsyard Peachy Keen Sour

There’s a bountiful of cocktails to choose from, while my Pisco Punch is good, it wasn’t as fabulous as the Peachy Keen Sour with pieces of stewed peaches at the bottom.


Pulled Pork

The first of our “feed” dishes arrive and a fat, glistering slice of maple bacon sits on top of our cube of pulled pork. With my new fisheye lens, I also capture my poor, yet patient dining companions eyeing the dishes to dive straight in.

The dish is so well juxtaposed with a less than beautiful looking piece of meat with fresh apples, shards of pork rind, fennel and yoghurt. The maple bacon is sweet and heart clogging but oh so good long with tender pieces of pulled pork below. My only complaint is that I wished I fought for more of it.


Fried Chicken

With luck, I’m dining with like-minded friends tonight and I jump at the opportunity to grab some fried chicken. It’s been a craving that I’ve been trying to suppress, but this this hit the spot. Crunchy, flavoursome and succulent on the inside, I was happily munching on my drumstick with my fingers and wiping the crumbs off my face, while the others were gracifully eating theirs with cutlery.


Smoked Wagyu Brisket

The last “feed” is the smoked wagyu brisket, and hello! This is melt-in-your mouth goodness and served with an arrangement of pickled and fried greens with a bbq mayo.


Maple Brulee

The night ends with the maple brulee, served quite naked without its usual white ramekin bowl. A crunchy dome, silky brulee, slivers of Palmier pastry, scoops of cherry ice cream, cherries and an interesting walnut coffee crunch.


On the quieter end of Enmore Rd, Hartsyard is a mix of clean and grungy basement interiors, dishing up some great feeds. The menu changes almost every time the seasons do which gives a great reason to keep coming back for more.

33 Enmore Rd
Newtown, Sydney

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January 22, 2011


by minibites

French toast a la Bitton with fresh fruit & orange jelly

Bitton has been my latest brunch craze. It’s one of those places where you’re not particularly in the mood to test the waters of something new, and just looking for that quick morning fix of good ol’ favourites.

On my first trip (yep, repeat offender already) I indulged in the french toast which was delicious. I’ve only had another memorable french toast experience which was in Lorca, Melbourne and this was has met the benchmark. Loads of fresh and seasonal fruit always helps cut the guilt of having such  a sugary delight so early in the day.

Poached eggs served with spinach, smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce

On my second trip back, I was in an eggy mood, so we opted for the breakfast staples. My companion’s poached eggs were delicious, one egg was a little overdone but the rest of the dish was flawless. Sitting on a potato hash brown, the creamy hollandaise sauce was just right.

One pan bacon and eggs with wood fired bread & tomato sauce

I opted for the one pan and it was filled with goodness, oozing eggs, bacon and 2 slices of wood fired sourdough bread. One of the things that Bitton is known for are their sauces, so the french toast orange jelly is available in the grocer, as well as the amazing spicy tomato sauce that swung my tastebuds into a dancing sensation.

Gorgeous view opposite a grassy park, delicious food and great service. Perfect way to start a weekend morning!

36-37a Copeland St
Alexandria, Sydney

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December 3, 2010

Baffi & Mo

by minibites

Ricotta hotcakes with lemon curd, passionfruit & strawberries

Scrambled eggs, chorizo, potato hash & sourdough toast

Waking up from the day after a music festival leaves me feeling nothing more like refueling with good food and resting my poor little soles. Baffi & Mo is a little cafe away from the hustle and bustle of Redfern, with an extensive and delicious brunch menu. Being indecisive, we choose to get a sweet and savoury to share.

The ricotta hotcakes are thick, doughy and filling – drizzled on top is lemon curd, passionfruit, fresh sweet strawberries, a huuuuge dollop of cheese – all dusted with icing sugar to finish. And it all works. The sourness of the lemon curd and passionfruit make it seem not too sweet after all! Our savoury dish is a generous plate of scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, a crunchy potato hash and a spicy chorizo sausage. Simple yet fresh. And do be naughty and give the potato hash ago, particularly if you have a soft spot for the packaged french fries.

Service took a little longer than expected but great food in the end.

Baffi & Mo
97 Redfern Rd
Redfern, Sydney

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