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March 13, 2014

Taste of Sydney 2014

by minibites


With sunnier skies and the smell of balmy Summer nights still lingering around, it was a great night to check out the Taste of Sydney festival – back on this week until Sunday 16th March. It’s excitement all around as there’s a ton of new faces to the scene, more seating, IconPark and the 21st century has kicked in so long gone are the crown coupons, there’s a card!



Grabbing a refresher before we do the rounds, the ‘Rekorderlig Star’ marquee is unmissable with a spot in the centre and with plenty of lounging, sitting, beach-chairing or high table options with table tennis and giiiiant connect 4 – it’s the place to be! Not to mention the happy loving DJ spinning reminiscing the ultimate feel good tracks from the past.



The cider range has since expanded and it’s perfect since my palate has moved on from drinking super sweet liquors; the new Apple & Guava was pleasantly refreshing and not too sweet with a wedge of lime. The Pear is also a personal favourite and there’s a growing lean towards the Orange & Ginger for a bit of zesty experience.

IMG_06694Fourteen/Four in Hand; Suckling Pig

Perched on one of the bar benches, we take turns relaying to the nearest restaurants for some culinary goodies. 4Fourteen/Four in Hand is a stone’s throw from Rekorderlig and with some suckling pig, there’s no resistance from neither of us. Pulled threads of suckling pig sit amongst a smoked potato salad and plenty of crushed apple; although tender, I would have preferred some jus to soften the meat.

IMG_0683Efendy; Duck, Holoumi & Wild Weeds Gozleme

Next stop are Efendy with a hot Turkish grill smoking out the neighbours, and while their gozleme was absolutely delicious, it was a little disappointing of its size.

IMG_0675Longrain; Crispy King Prawns

Longrain dish up their usual repertoire of flavours with crispy king prawns with a kickin’ green chilli and lime on top. Tempting but resisted, their beef jerky in a lettuce cup was flying out of the kitchen like hot cakes.


A lot of hustle and bustle was happening in the IconPark, and without doubt one of the highlights this year. IconPark is a fantanstic concept taking on for 6 bidding restaurants to win a 3 month pop-up on Stanley St, Darlinghurst.


IMG_0690 Sedgwick Ave; Brooklyn’s Finest De-Boned Chicken Wings

After being swayed at the front gate by a suave Sedgwick Ave member, we support the American feel-good team with some of the Brooklyn’s finest de-boned free range chicken wings. Hesitant at first of being just same ol’ buffalo wings with cheese whacked on the side in a wicker basket, I was knocked off my socks how deliciously tender and spiced the chicken pieces were. And oh, that blue cheese sauce and grilled watermelon, crave-worthy!

Stanley St Merchants; Paperback Smoked Whiting

Craving something that didn’t moo or oink, Stanley St Merchants displayed a stunningly colourful dish with promise of heirloom tomatoes, herbs and fennel salad (yay some refreshing greens!!). Impressed, but the generosity of the smoked fish was a little too overwhelming. Fresh and the smoking technique presents an unique taste nonetheless.

The Larder; Tiramisu

The Cut Bar & Grill; Cherry Ripe

4Fourteen/Four in Hand; Peanut Butter Popsicle

Dessert is on the mind so we backtrack and make quick decisions before heading back to lounge off our food bellies. A delicious tiramisu, modern take on the cherry ripe but honourable mention to the peanut butter popsicle rolled in dulce de leche and honeycomb crunch. Hmmmm!

Minibites attended as a guest of Exposure PR & Marketing. All dishes were chosen & paid for personally.

Taste of Sydney
March 13th-16th 2014
Centennial Park, Sydney

February 27, 2012

March into Merivale’s American Diner Degustation @ Mad Cow

by minibites


American Diner @ Mad Cow

Mad Cow was the perfect place to host March into Merivale’s American Diner Degustation; throw a mix of New York, plenty of white comfy booths and splatters of red and white stripes. March in Merivale kicks off filled with a month of exciting one-off dinners across Merivale’s family of restaurants. Also a perfect match for us to get excited about our upcoming trip of eating in the States (yay!).

American Diner @ Mad Cow Corn and Cheese Quesadillas

Most of the menus during March into Merivale are unannounced so it’s always a pleasant surprise on the day. To start us off, our amuse bouche were corn and cheese quesadilla triangles; pipping hot and filled with stretchy cheese and a revving mix of salsa and spices. Sadly it was only a triangle each…

American Diner @ Mad Cow
Mad Cow Chopped Salad w/ Spencer Gulf Prawns

The amuse bouche really got us going, so we dug into this salad as though it was our final meal. Filled with red onions, yellow and red tomatoes, leaves and plenty of prawns sprawled on top.

American Diner @ Mad Cow
Grilled Atlantic Salmon w/ crushed peas & mint

Our eyes sparkled when the salmon was dished; partly purely from hunger (there was a little too much wait in between courses) but also from the generous portions of fish. The salmon skin was as crispy as a potato chip with the flesh still medium rare. Not everyone was a fan of the mashed peas and mint, but I loved the combo of mushiness against crispy salmon.

American Diner @ Mad Cow
Shoestring fries

American Diner @ Mad Cow
Braised Beef Short Ribs

Seated near the kitchen, we smelt the naughtiness of the shoestring fries from a mile away. A must add to our main course of braised short ribs swimming in a jus with peas, baby carrots and thyme.

American Diner @ Mad Cow

American Diner @ Mad CowKey Lime Pie

After countless seasons and late nights of Dexter, our key lime pie itch was scratched and it was delicious! Even with the sweet tooth of mine, I loved the sourness of the lime contrasted by fluffy light meringue and a crunchy gingernut base. Traditionally this pie was cooked purely from the acidity of the lime with the eggs, but thankfully now it’s baked just a little.

American Diner @ Mad Cow

American Diner’s Degustation is apart of March into Merivale 2012.

Mad Cow
Ivy, Level 1, 330 George St