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March 2, 2012

Spice I Am – The Restaurant

by minibites

Spice I Am

Spice I Am has been a Christmas tradition with my work girls. Every Christmas we wine and dine at the Darlinghurst restaurant to exchange gifts and as cliche as it sounds, giggle throughout the night sharing the best moments of the year. It’s been three years now without fail. There’s just something special about traditions.

Spice I Am

There’s an off-shoot of this restaurant in Surry Hills but the Darlinghurst one has an amazingly extensive food and cocktail menu. My favourite cocktail is the Tiger Paw with a secret ingredient that binds it altogether. Most of the cocktails on the menu are refreshingly fruity to counteract all the spiciness later on…

Spice I Am Massaman Curry Nua

Spice I Am Gaeng Ped Yang

The curries are without doubt delicious; both creamy and flavoursome. Our favourite is the massaman beef as we dive into the tender pieces beef; a result of patient slow cooking! Another familiar is the roast duck curry with plenty of kicks of kaffir lime leaves and thai basil garnished on top.

Spice I Am Moo Gob Prik Khing

Spice I AmMoo Gob Pik Pao

There’s no holding back with us girls. We love to indulge, and in a bit of pork belly so the next two dishes are naughty as can be – stir fried, super crispy pieces of pork belly with a dash of chili jam or red curry paste and plenty of chillis, green beans, cherry tomatoes and a hint of greens to balance it all.

Spice I Am

If you can handle the heat and spice, this is the perfect place to be (and don’t forget their extensive cocktail list!)

Spice I Am
296-300 Victoria St
Darlinghurst, Sydney 

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February 5, 2011

Cookie, Melbourne

by minibites

Cookie’s great. I love the low key vibe when you’re walking down the street, unaware that people up a flight of stairs are happily munching away on great food and delicious cocktails. And I love taking people to this place when we visit; with their first reaction as they enter the dark dirty stairwell, “where on earth are you taking us Jenny?!”

There’s plenty of different dishes to tempt anyone’s taste buds. And if there isn’t a table at the restaurant, the bar is right across the room with the same food and drinks menu, just bar service.

Chicken & lemongrass salad with banana blossom

Pad thai

Raving about the coconut rice again because it is amazing, and as simple as it sounds, it works well with a flavoursome dish like the chicken and lemongrass salad; shredded pieces of sweet and tangy marinated chicken with thinly sliced banana blossom, a common vegetable in Asian cooking. On the plainer side, we devour a chicken and prawn pad thai, simple yet surprisingly really good. The noodles are tossed and left with a little wok char to make it a little crispy yet still soft.

And don’t forget upstairs at the rooftop bar for faux grass, deck chairs and a beer!

Level 1, 252 Swanston St

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