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August 28, 2011

The Coachmen

by minibites

The Coachmen

I have a Russian partner-in-crime that over time, I have slowly educated her in crazy feng shui superstitions, what taro and pandan is, and fed her addiction to Din Tai Fung dumplings and Easyways. I’ve also been equally as interested in her world; so after our adventures at Borsh Vodka & Tears and Food Society, it was back to ol’ school Russia at The Coachmen.

And of course, we let her take the reins of ordering…

The CoachmenHerring in a Fur Coat

The Coachmen

Two Russian entrees rolls out, and the first isn’t a stranger despite it’s interesting name. It’s a traditional salad with layers of potato, beetroot, herring, mayonnaise and topped with finely shredded eggs. Herring might be a shriek factor for some, but surprisingly it’s all disguised in this salad and works quite wonderfully.

Olivier is another Russian salad, this time with a crunch and tang. Similar to a coleslaw; it’s made of cubes of boiled potatoes, eggs, pickles, carrots, peas and onions and dressed with mayonnaise. Would have gone lovely with a ton of meaty goodness.

The Coachmen
Potato Dumplings (Pelmeni)

The Coachmen Pancakes “Coachmen”

My request of the night are the Russian meat filled dumplings. It’s as simple as it be, served with a clear stock and a dollop of sour cream. But one of my favourites are the warm savory pancakes filled with chicken and topped off with mushroom sauce. If we didn’t have to spilt into quarters, I would have devoured the entire lot…

The Coachmen
Grilled Lamb Georgian Style (Shahshlik)

A spice and rustic aroma filled the table when the first of the mains are served. Lamb fillet, deliciously flame grilled and served with the most amazing spicy tomato sauce with reminisces of chimichurri sauce. I think even the lamb haters would be won over by this firey skewer.

The Coachmen
Veal Goulash

The Coachmen
Beef Stroganoff

Two other familiar dishes came out with the veal goulash cooked in a ceramic pot with an interesting caramelised onion toast as its lid. The beef strogonoff is served with a mountain of jasmine rice; although tasty, I prefer stroganoff with a lot more sauce.

The Coachmen

The vibe at The Coachmen is exciting with live music flowing throughout the restaurant. The clock strikes 8:30pm and three gorgeous dancers in the “modified” Russian traditional dress  (meaning hello! A no bottoms getup) rip up the dance floor in high pace, electric moves. Line dancing, high kicks, spins; these girls had the entire crowd mesmerised.

The Coachmen

And don’t forget a shot of vodka before every course. I’m sure whether it really is tradition, or if our gullibility is to blame… But bottoms up we were told, and down went the peach vodka, honeydew vodka….

A night of hearty meals, vodka shots and live entertainment that you can’t help but clap and bounce around to.

The Coachman
763 Bourke St
Surry Hills, Sydney 

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December 14, 2009

The Piano Room

by minibites

Tucked under the glowing Cola-Coca sign of Kings Cross; this little gem oozes a elegance and old school glamour. Enter a room with a wall to wall windows showing off the bright city lights, fairy light trees, red lampshades, antique seating and gold animal statues. On a Saturday night, this bar is generally all booked out, so it’s better not to try your luck and phone in for a reserved seat.

We nestle in the plush cushion seats and order a cocktail each. I choose the Roslyn; a Henricks gin based cocktail mixed with cucumber, rose and apple. Despite the bartender’s perfect combination of components, I was disappointed by the lack of presentation to match.

Our stomaches begin to rumble so we happily order a dish each to share – jumping between spiced wedges with spiced aioli, chipotle squid with a mint cucumber bath, chicken breast with corn fritters and avocado melon salsa and roast pork belly with quince aioli.

The food definitely earned a thumbs up over the cocktails. My favourite was the chicken, primarily due to the wonderful combination of flavours and textures on the plate; hopping between simple chicken breast, tangy melon salsa and crunchy fritters – my palate was happily satisfied. The roast pork belly was amazingly tender and fell apart perfectly. The wedges were genuine and rustic; although, I do enjoy the traditional crunch which was sadly missing. The squid pieces were bite sized, nicely spiced and the dipping sauce was amazingly refreshing. Sadly as the night progressed, so did the lighting, meaning the worst for a food blogger – a lack of food photography.

Live music kicks off later during the night, and it’s perfect for a sing and dance, not so perfect for a catch up session where you need to shout in each other’s ears.

The Piano Room
Cnr of Kings Cross Rd & Darlinghurst Rd
Kings Cross, Sydney

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