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March 13, 2012

Four in Hand

by minibites

Four in Hand
Miso Smoked Salmon

Four in Hand has always been on my radar; I’ve always been a carnivore, and the thought of delicious tender meats with interesting team ups gives me a grin from ear to ear. Normally lunch and dinner is served in the main dining area… but with a last minute surprise reservation, we grab a seat in their private dining room filled with wooden accents, a fireplace and view into the streets of Paddington (ha!).

A entree arrives with deep, smokey miso salmon with a seaweed, radish and cucumber salad. Fresh and simple to get the tastebuds revving.

Four in HandLicorice Braised Beef Brisket 

Super cheeky for lunch as we completely devour in super tender beef brisket and roast sucking pig. Served with the tinest baby carrots and Four in Hand’s infamous onion ring, the brisket falls apart wonderfully and although braised in licorice; the flavour is subtle and clean and not too daunting at all.

Four in Hand

Four in HandRoast Suckling Pig

Next is picturesque platter of roast suckling pig which is so beautifully presented with greens, cauliflower, prunes and a bowl of the world’s creamiest potato mash; colcannon, a Irish dish consisting of mash and cabbage. Tricked into eating pig’s ears, I would have never known as Colin does so wonderfully well.

Four in Hand

Four in HandRoast Peach

Dessert to finish was perfect after an indulgent afternoon of meat and potatoes. A juicy roast peach is served with a peach salad, jar of cream and a refreshing Hoegaarden popsicle.

Four in Hand
105 Sutherland St
Paddington, Sydney

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June 19, 2011

The Eathouse Diner

by minibites

The Eathouse Diner

After being all loco’d out over at El Loco, it was time to search for some desserts to sweeten our palates after numerous tacos and margaritas. The Eathouse Diner isn’t too far away so we hustled along to the next suburb and trekked down to find the bright coloured lights and of course the, Eat Here sign.

Inside it’s warm and it feels as though we’ve stepped back in time with retro milkbar benchtops, a chalkboard menu and vinyl floors. The dessert menu isn’t too far off being retro and ol’ school either, bringing back the favourites of Eton’s Mess and the classic forgotten Banana Spilt.

The Eathouse Diner The Eathouse Mess

The Eathouse Diner Banana Spilt

Still warm and giggly from our tequilas, we sit outside under the moonlight and devour our chosen desserts. The Eathouse Mess is mashed in with crunchy meringue, rhubarb, cream and coulis; so it was sweetness and texture galore. The banana spilt was the hot favourite being in its traditional boat bowl finished with a paper umbrella and wafer. Generous amounts of smashed up bananas, banana ice cream, chocolate sauce and crucnhy hazelnuts and macadamias to top it all off. Simple and classic, but brilliant.

The Eathouse Diner

Sit at the milk bar for proper food and a glass of wine, or swing by for some childhood desserts!

The Eathouse Diner
44 Chalmers St
Redfern, Sydney

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December 14, 2009


by minibites

Polished timber floors and walls, Wagaya brings a modern spin on Japanese dining – known for their self-ordering system and speedy waitering service, many people flock here for a good feed.

The food is not the best Japanese I’ve ever had (since my taste buds have leveled up from visiting Japan), but it does do a damn good job. The presentation is consistent each and every time, the food is nice and hot, the sushi rice is soft and the service is speedy and pleasant. The only downfall is that you never know what to order first and once you do, you become touch happy and order too much.

My favourites is the Japanese spin of pizza; loaded with toppings, stretchy cheese and a soft base and followed by Wasabi eel fried rice – that we order each time without fail. Strangely enough, there is nothing spectacular about the dishes; but they’re comforting, Wagaya serves up good comfort food. There is a well stocked sushi menu that should cater for everyone – raw or cooked. The only let down is the ramen served with a measly 2 thin slices of pork.

Black sesame ice cream here is unbeatable, and the range of alcoholic beverages are tantalizing, whether you’re into sake, cocktails or RTDs. Always book ahead and with late closing hours, after clubbing dinners are no longer at Superbowl, they’re here with a bit of class.


Pork ramen

Japanese styled seafood pizza

Wasabi eel fried rice

Spider roll

Rainbow roll

Grilled salmon

Black sesame ice cream

Level 1, 78-86 Harbour Rd
Haymarket, Sydney

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November 18, 2009


by minibites

I love dessert. I especially love platters with petite servings of desserts. Since it was a long day at work for the both of us; we both agreed it was time to indulge ourselves for dessert at Passionflower. The Capitol Square cafe has a great retro atmosphere; decked out in white padded seats, clear plastic furniture and colourful cushions.

The tasting platter rolled out and our jaws dropped. Simply from the sheer size of the platter. We slowly take a deep breath and dive in.

In the corner, we start with the crispy waffle basket holding a scoop each of coconut and taro ice cream, topped with sticky black sesame, rice balls and finely grounded nuts. The ice cream was creamy and light, yet still flavoursome; the rice balls, sweet and very sticky, complementing the unique Asian influenced ice cream flavours.

The mini buttermilk pikelets and chocolate crepes were both the mediocre components of the platter. Although I was surprised as I sliced through the chocolate crepe – it was filled with thinly sliced, fresh and sweet bananas with oozing, melted chocolate ice cream tucked inside.

Last by not least, were my favourites, the two shot-glass desserts; a light green tea mousse with a red bean bottom layer, and a espresso soaked tiramisu. Too much would have been too overwhelming, so a shotful was absolutely perfect.

730-742 George St
Capitol Square
Haymarket, Sydney

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November 13, 2009

My 22nd Birthday, Gelato Messina

by minibites

Our office is known for our cake time – we enjoy celebrating birthdays with lavish birthday cakes from our local cake shops, and luckily, our local cake shops are damn good. Usually the birthday girl hints what type of cake they’re hoping for, but as I was away in Melbourne, the girls organised my cake without my assistance. They choose a tiramisu ice cream cake from Messina, and it was definitely the perfect choice!

The base was lined with savorlardi biscuits soaked with expresso with a generous layer of tiramisu ice cream and dusted heavily with Italian cocoa. Simply delicious.

Messina Gelato
Shop 1/241 Victoria Rd
Darlinghurst, Sydney