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November 28, 2009

Yogen Fruz

by minibites

Strawberry & Lychee frozen yoghurt

I’m quite enjoying the rising surge of frozen yoghurt franchises – it never hurts to have healthier dessert options. This frozen yoghurt bar just started off fresh here in Oz but has been around for quite some time in the US; it’s about time we get some quality frozen yoghurt!

Unlike the others I’ve tried – Igloo Zoo and Wow Cow, the yoghurt here differentiates themselves by blending the actual fruit into the yoghurt as opposed to adding flavours and toppings, which means there are a countless number of fruity flavour combinations! I tried the recommended flavour cause I couldn’t make up my mind… which ended up to be strawberry and lychee – very delicious, but my only complaint is the frozen fruit used to blend into my yoghurt was still icy – so there was a trail of ice crystals throughout my yoghurt!

Less tangy that the others, so it’s for the ones ungame for real yoghurt.

Yogen Fruz is now closed.

Yogen Fruz
680 George St
World Square, Sydney

November 17, 2009

Igloo Zoo

by minibites

Green tea frozen yoghurt topped with muesli crunch, strawberries and shaved white chocolate

This is my new favourite frozen yoghurt hot spot. Wow Cow has great sugary churro sticks, but there is something about the frozen yoghurt that nudges this over by just that little more. The frozen yoghurt here does taste more sour and tangier – but its consistency definitely replicates yoghurt more so than Wow Cow. It melts less and a medium gives you three wonderful toppings to choose from. Delicious!

Igloo Zoo
101 Hall St
Bondi Beach, Sydney

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