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August 25, 2011

Meat Wine & Co

by minibites

Meat Wine & Co

A special occasion deserves for a delicious dinner in a classy room. The newly renovated Meat Wine & Co on Darling Harbour has revamped its interiors since our last visit. We dine inside the Rhino Dining Room, as we sink into our large, leather seats looking over a polished, wooden table. Instantly impressed, we rub our hands together like as we are plotting the run the world.

A set menu is on the agenda tonight with a choice of entree, main and dessert.

Meat Wine & Co Entree; Bruschetta

Meat Wine & Co
Entree; Chicken Wings

Starving, my instincts choose the bruschetta; two pieces of toasty woodfired ciabattas topped with all the bruschetta goodies of tomatoes, spanish onions, pesto, basil and crumbled fetta and shaved parmesan and finally topped with a balsamic glaze.

Glancing over at my neighbour’s BBQ chicken wings, I nicked a piece and they were as absolutely drool-worthy as they looked. Good ol’ chicken wings served with blue cheese sauce, which were really unnecessary with such flavoursome wings.

Meat Wine & Co Main; 300g Rump – Angus 120 days grain fed

Being at Meat Wine & Co, most of us took no second doubt to order the steak. It was grilled to order in their in-house basting sauce and served with a fresh handful of crunchy fries. I was hesitant that I couldn’t order my usual teacup of mushroom sauce but surprisingly the basting was enough to flavour the meat with just the right amount. Other menu choices included chicken, salmon and pasta.

Meat Wine & CoDessert; Creme Brulee

To sweeten our palates and round off the meatiness, we dug into a vanilla bean cream brulee topped with diced strawberries. It was perfectly creamy with the right balance of sweetness, and although we were all beginning to burst at the seams, we continued to shove spoonfuls into our mouths…

Meat Wine & Co

Grab a few mates and dine in style in one of the private rooms (min. spend of $2k).

Meat Wine & Co
31 Wheat St
Darling Harbour, Sydney

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May 5, 2011

Meat, Wine & Co

by minibites

Oh boy, if I had known Meat, Wine & Co was serious business, there wouldn’t have been any chance of coming here post-hangover and half hungry. Nevertheless, we persist on through, with beers and cocktails. The interior feels woody and it’s simple and clean with exposed wooden beams, polished wooden floors and intimate corners to hide around.

Salt & Pepper Calamari

 Caesar Salad

Shared entrees is the way to go with crispy salt & pepper calamari to fire up the taste buds. A simple caesar salad is also on order with our inner nutritionists telling us we need a balance since we will be munching down tons of meat and potatoes next (we seriously did not expect the crispy glossy rash of bacon that laid right on top…)

300g Rump monte select with creamy mash & mushroom sauce

500g wagyu rump steak with creamy mash & garlic sauce

I tackle a miniscule rump steak with a generous mound of creamy potato mash and mushroom sauce, and the boys each devour a 500g Wagyu rump steak. Delicious steak but all too much to handle, I powered through with a third left, there was really no way…

The Grand Finale

But then when they say dessert goes into another part of the stomach, it really does. Seeing The Grand Finale on the menu, deep inside we knew we had to go all for it, so we unbutton our jeans, breathe and dive in. The favourite had to be the chocolate fondant with ooozing warm chocolate from within, and who can resist a vanilla creme brulee.

Meat, Wine & Co
L1, 31 Wheat Road IMAX Theatre Complex
Cockle Bay Darling Harbour, Sydney

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March 7, 2011

Greenhouse by Joost, Sydney

by minibites

I love a Sunday that starts off with sunshine, an exciting brunch and a wander around art galleries, the markets or just lounging around. This Sunday instead of typical bacon and eggs, it was at the new pop-up in town, Greenhouse by Joost. Facing Sydney’s greatest icons is the Greenhouse made from recycled/able materials transported most quickly and efficiently and leaving the smallest ecological footprint as possible.

Walk into a room filled with words wall to wall, coriander bouquets in jar vases, seats made from aluminium pipes and saddle leather offcuts and plenty of natural light (yay!!).

The menu is short and simple. Its philosophy is to be as “waste free” as possible, by making breads, pizza bases and pastas as they go, freshly squeezed juices and a menu based on seasonal ingredients, and most importantly what is available locally.

Seared mullet, mixed tomato salad

My fellow foodies weren’t hyperventilating when they saw the seared mullet on the menu, but their minds did change when they tasted it. The fish was perfectly seared with a crisp skin and soft, lean fish. The dish was fresh and simple with the fish lightly seasoned and tomatoes just lightly tossed with olive oil.

Wagyu beef gerello, green papaya, peanut, tamarind

The beef is a little tough to cut, but considering we’re using a blunt wooden knife…. The meat was still wholesome and juicy, with the perfect bite of papaya salad.

Artichoke, mozzarella cheese & chorizo pizza

The pizza is one of the simpler dishes on the menu, with the pizza base made from flour milled inhouse and cooked just right in the woodfire oven; leaving the pizza crispy yet nice and doughy on the inside.

Raspberry & chocolate macarons, caramel fudge

Peaches & cream

Brunches that end on a sweet note are always better. The macarons are surprisingly one of the best I’ve had with a gooey centre, and the slice of caramel fudge reminded me of the soft Werther’s Originals I used to eat as a little girl.

The peaches and cream is an interesting dessert but it works, the peaches are poached in the sweet wine, Moscato, and sits on a bed of vanilla bean mascarpone with crunchy toffee and crushed pistachio. Delicious!

Even though it’s brunchtime, there’s always a time for cocktails! For gin lovers, it’s a delight to see half of the menu is based on gin. Cocktail #1 is for the traditionalist; mixed with gin, elderflower, citrus juices, cucumber and parsley and for those who love a twist, #2 is the pick, with gin mixed with homemade marmalade, basil and lime.

Make sure the eco friendly adventure ends up at the rooftop bar, to soak in the view and smell the amazing herbs growing. Look for the orange storage containers and walls of strawberry pot plants from afar!

Greenhouse by Joost
Campbells Cove
The Rocks, Sydney

April 19, 2010

The Restaurant, Art Gallery of NSW

by minibites

For my annual review, my boss takes me to visit one of his favourite rooms in Sydney, The Restaurant at the Art Gallery of NSW. It boasts beautiful views with roof to floor windows overlooking the harbour while the boats dock in and out. Clean lines, white linen, sparkling white crockery and shiny silverware.

Brioche crumbed duck sausage served with green lentil, raspberry vinaigrette

Opting to share an entree, we sample the brioche crumbed duck sausage. Definitely an intriguing dish, with a crispy brioche crumb with minced duck neatly tucked inside. The components were interesting on its own but when eaten with a mouthful of duck sausage, it was delicious.

Confit pork cheek served with pickled cabbage, apple, calvados sauce

Sirloin served with braised mushroom, white polenta, calvo nero and cherry tomatoes

For our mains, I opt for the meaty sirloin. Sadly, my sirloin is overcooked for medium, but the other components served on the dish were delicious. Wonderfully flavoured mushrooms, creamy white polenta and very juicy cherry tomatoes. Not as fancy as I imagined, but it was a simple dish cooked very well.

My boss opts for a cheekier dish on the menu; the confit pork cheek. The confit of meat was definitely gave a burst of flavour, and the meat was wonderfully lean and tender; but as much as I enjoy crispy pork crackling, the cheek skin was too crispy – I could have chipped a tooth! The calvados sauce, however, did absolutely wonders with this dish.

Chocolate & chestnut mousse cake and pistachio ice cream

To top off our lunch, we share a dessert. A beautiful chocolate mousse that melted in my mouth with a surprise nutty chestnut base. Not a crazed fan of pistachio flavoured foods, but this ice cream hit all the right notes. Subtle and perfectly sitting on a crunchy bed of crushed pistachio and brittle.

Lovely lunch for a day out at the art gallery.

The Restaurant
Art Gallery of NSW
Art Gallery Rd

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November 26, 2009


by minibites

Entree; Yamba prawn tart with creamed leek, feta cheese & tomato salsa

It was my beautiful best friend’s birthday and we celebrated over a 3 course meal by the water at Ripples. Gorgeous views of the harbour but the location of the restaurant was very hard to pinpoint. One argument, one GPS and constant over-the-phone guidance still did not lead us there on time.

Eventually we found it and were greeted to toasted turkish bread and dips. Entrees rolled out shortly and the majority chose the prawn tart over dozen fresh but raw oysters. The tart was great, a fantastic mixture of flavours; it was practically a party in my mouth – cheesy, seafood, pastry, tomato salsa and a touch of basil olive oil.

Main; Grilled beef tenderloins on a bed of creamed spinach with horseradish gnocchi and beef short rib ragout

Alternate Main; Roast suzuki jewfish on a fresh pea, parsley & lemon risotto

Mains were served shortly after and I choose the grilled beef tenderloins while the others around me settled for the roast jewfish. The beef tenderloins were tender and perfectly cooked – although the bed of spinach wasn’t a great companion to the meat, the ragout was perfect. The horseradish gnocchi melted in my mouth, I slowly devoured it because they were only 3 pieces. It didn’t taste like horseradish, nor do I remember what horseradish taste like, but all I knew is that I wanted more.

Dessert; Strawberry shortcake with champagne & mascarpone mousse topped with strawberry sorbet

Alternate dessert; Passionfruit creme brulee with glass biscuit and passionfruit syrup

Alternate dessert; White chocolate parfait with bitter chocolate, orange mousse and blood orange jelly

Being a dessert fanatic, I could barely contain my excitement when you could choose between 3 different desserts. I choose the strawberry shortcake – it had very interesting textures; crunchy shortcake, creamy and flavoursome mascarpone, cold, sweet, melting sorbet and diced bitter strawberries as the bottom layer – although it was a bit too much strawberry happiness for me. The creme brulee was fantastic – a great balance of flavours on the dish, and I enjoyed the fact that you could control how much passionfruit syrup to intake with each spoonful. Finally the white chocolate parfait, I didn’t have too many bites but it was definitely intriguing – it had a nice bounce in texture and the chocolate wasn’t too overpowering.

Fantastic experience, the staff were super friendly and enjoyed a laugh with us as the neighbouring puppy decided to come over to join the party. Definitely book and for a nice summery night as the entire restaurant is outdoors.

56 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, Sydney

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