Phoenix Diner @ Lansdowne Hotel

by minibites

PhoenixPulled Pork Burger

Sometimes you just want a burger. Not some pansy burger, you crave a protein packed, sky high piece of art where you can’t decide whether to slice it in half, but end up chomping into it, with two hands with juices dripping down till your elbows. And at the Phoenix Diner, is where you can get one of these burgers…

My fav is the Pulled Pork, with 12 hour smoked and braised pork, topped with slaw, slab of brie, char grilled apple, tart cranberry jam and topped with rocket. It’s a whole lotta love in one burger.

Phoenix Diner

The Lansdowne has been on the iconic little corner of Broadway but since an unfortunate fire in January, it’s been closed since October.

Phoenix Diner

Re-opening its doors, it’s kept the lower level with the grunge and rocknroll pub supporting local acts every Sunday afternoon, while upstairs, it’s a fresh new look with a Shrek-green American diner.

Phoenix Diner

Phoenix Diner

Upstairs is where we’re nestled in and we find ourselves enjoying the time with beer and buffalo wings at a bench table. Wings come by the half dozen and there’s a choice between bleu cheese, BBQ or F’n hot chilli sauce – with the chilli, it was a should I or shouldn’t I moment, and in the end it was down to good ol’ BBQ.

Phoenix DinerRuby Ribs

The lamb ribs are smokey but a little too fatty for my liking, but it’s topped with a tangy Texas smoke sauce and superbly cooked chips.

Phoenix Diner

Like memories of my American holiday, we’re stuffed to the brim with little prospect for dessert. Neat little spot for a substantial pub feed after a day of education or a bit of a shopping spree from across the road.

Minibites dined as a guest of Shake Appeal.

Phoenix Diner
The Lansdowne Hotel
2-6 City Road

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