Reuben Hills

by minibites

Reuben Hills

Cool kicks, yep. Tattoos, yep. Soy chai lattes, nope. If you’re a lover of teas and chai lattes, Reuben Hills isn’t your scene, it’s for the caffeine enthusiasts, or unless a fresh juice or milkshake takes your fancy.

Reuben Hills

Reuben Hills is an industrial inspired coffee roastery, stripped out bare with back to basics enamel tin mugs, mosaic tables, polished cement floors and lit with both sunlight and neon beams. Don’t forget to look up where there is an amazing cut out to peer into the roastery.

Reuben Hills
Double Shot Latte

Reuben Hills
Mint & Lavender Tea

Wishing I practiced what I preach, the mint and lavender tea is sweet smelling, but the taste is definitely much more of the acquired taste. Coffee is clearly king on the table.

Reuben Hills
Berkshire Ham

The Reuben Hills menu has a Latin American flavour with a great mix of brunching and lunching items. Good ol’ sandwich delights are dished up in retro plastic baskets toasted held together with toothpick pickle.

My fav is the berkshire ham sandwiched between toasted rye and juicy with machego and rocket. Toasty and dripping with tomato and red pepper chutney.

Reuben Hills
the NOT reuben

Reuben Hills
Dirty Bird

The others munch on the NOT reuben filled with wagyu salt brisket and the slightly usual suspects of pickled slaw, machego and horseradish. The boys munch on the Dirty Bird; a spiced grilled chicken on fluffy brioche and stacked with plenty of aioli, cheese and pickles.

Reuben HillsGive a Dogg a Bone

Reuben Hills
Doggs Breakfast

The Dirty Birds are on the smaller side for the appetite of hungry boys but only for the better to allow space for sugary delights. A sucker for a ice cream sandwiches, both delights were a hot favourite. Think melting marshmallow fluff, chewy biscuit toasts and incredibly, addictive salty caramel. Both same same but different.

Reuben Hills

A great addition to the alleyways of Surry Hills. Just don’t forget to BYO a bib for dripping burger juices and the extra stomach for dessert.

Reuben Hills
61 Albion St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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6 Comments to “Reuben Hills”

  1. You didn’t try their salted caramel milkshake? Oh man, that thing is the bomb diggity!

  2. argh i still havent been to reuben hills! dying to try their not reuben!

  3. Oh your photos are amazing! I tried to go last weekend but it was choc full of other people… Must try again!

  4. yum, i feel like having the not reuben again!

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