Adriano Zumbo’s Raspberry V8 Cake

by minibites

Zumbo V8

Yes, it’s a little flamboyant and pink, but with an office full of cake enthusiasts and it’s the big man’s birthday, we couldn’t help but dive into a bit of an indulgence…

Keeping up to the challenge is hard, when the year before the beehive croquembouche was conquered by Dexter-esque stabbing and the year before that was the classic white V8 cake made famous by Masterchef.

Zumbo V8

In its initial appearance, the cake could be any pink and pretty looking cake, but after slicing, the sections reveal beautifully equal layers. Flavour layers of black sesame, raspberry, liquorice, lychee and plenty of rosewater – and works wonderfully textually with layers of gel, crunch, jelly and cream.

While the sugarcoma set, there was a nod in agreeance that this was definitely better than the classic.

Adriano Zumbo Lab
114 Terry St
Rozelle, Sydney

Adriano Zumbo Patisserie on Urbanspoon

6 Comments to “Adriano Zumbo’s Raspberry V8 Cake”

  1. Black sesame? YEAH! Not sure about the licorice though :s

    • I love aniseed and licorice so I enjoyed a lot! If you eat it layer by layer, you could probably tell but since the rest of the group don’t like licorice, I don’t think they even noticed 🙂

  2. i wish the original V8 cake would come back!

  3. BUY or MAKE?! haha!

  4. what an absolutely beautiful cake!

  5. I’m not a sweet tooth but that cake is getting me there by the looks of it!

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