by minibites

I’m back from our little adventure in the USA! Almost 4 weeks of non-stop eating, walking and go-go-go has been a whirlwind but I’d pick up my bags in a heartbeat. There’ll be a few proper posts on each city soon. In the meantime, enjoy the video of a few of our eats!

5 Comments to “Howdy!”

  1. Words cannot express how utterly jealous I am. Seems like you ate enough for a good two months. How on earth do you stay so thin?? Gahhhhhhhh jealous. So very jellyyyy. Everything did look amazing. And love the speedy beverages section lol so you! I have lots of envy right now. Sigh xx

    • Awwww hun! You’ve been all before, and soon again! Don’t forget our date, I’ll give ya some tips on where to go and you can eat up a storm too 🙂

  2. I bet my comment didn’t save. Just know I used the word jealous about 50 times

  3. Welcome back Jenny! Looks like you ate up a storm. It looks delicious and I can’t wait to read about them in more detail! 😀

  4. so much food! everything looked amazing! *jealous*

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