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March 13, 2012

Four in Hand

by minibites

Four in Hand
Miso Smoked Salmon

Four in Hand has always been on my radar; I’ve always been a carnivore, and the thought of delicious tender meats with interesting team ups gives me a grin from ear to ear. Normally lunch and dinner is served in the main dining area… but with a last minute surprise reservation, we grab a seat in their private dining room filled with wooden accents, a fireplace and view into the streets of Paddington (ha!).

A entree arrives with deep, smokey miso salmon with a seaweed, radish and cucumber salad. Fresh and simple to get the tastebuds revving.

Four in HandLicorice Braised Beef Brisket 

Super cheeky for lunch as we completely devour in super tender beef brisket and roast sucking pig. Served with the tinest baby carrots and Four in Hand’s infamous onion ring, the brisket falls apart wonderfully and although braised in licorice; the flavour is subtle and clean and not too daunting at all.

Four in Hand

Four in HandRoast Suckling Pig

Next is picturesque platter of roast suckling pig which is so beautifully presented with greens, cauliflower, prunes and a bowl of the world’s creamiest potato mash; colcannon, a Irish dish consisting of mash and cabbage. Tricked into eating pig’s ears, I would have never known as Colin does so wonderfully well.

Four in Hand

Four in HandRoast Peach

Dessert to finish was perfect after an indulgent afternoon of meat and potatoes. A juicy roast peach is served with a peach salad, jar of cream and a refreshing Hoegaarden popsicle.

Four in Hand
105 Sutherland St
Paddington, Sydney

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