Sotto on West

by minibites

Sotto on West

Everyone loves a good spot for breakfast – brightly lit, no lines, quick service and delicious food. The food can be simple and fresh, but the main thing is… breakfast is served up quick!

After a little adventure in the north, a energy pit stop was required. We swing by a little, cosy cafe which is soon to grow with extensions under approval. Sotto on West dishes up good ol’ breakfast favourites and delicious coffee. The menu isn’t overwhelming so orders are quick and food comes out with a blink of an eye (even on a Sunday!).

Sotto on West

Sotto on West
Double Eggs and Bacon Roll

Sotto on West
Scrambled Eggs

I settle with the scrambled eggs and light rye sourdough toast with an added side of shaved ham. It’s deliciously fluffy and the smell of fresh chives definitely wake me up. The boy opts for the eggs and bacon roll in unusually triangular buns; and it’s overfilling with protein goodness.

Sotto on West

My eyes can’t help but get drawn to the roof with the super cool teapot and teacup lamps. I love how this is the only quirky touch, and the rest of the cafe isn’t entirely done; apart from a few odd colourful cushions and ottomans.

Sotto on West
67 West St
North Sydney, Sydney

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5 Comments to “Sotto on West”

  1. Ooh I love those lamps! I wonder where they got them from or whether they made them? So creative! 😀

  2. Those tea pots hanging off the roof are adorable. If I saw them I too wouldn’t be able to stop looking at them!

  3. ohhh the teapots and teacups are uber cute!! such a nice touch

  4. i love adding fresh chives to almost everything 🙂

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