District Dining

by minibites

District Dining

Sticky fingers, crossing of forks across the table and fighting for the last piece – there’s a huge emergence of restaurants offering shared plates of food. Lucky for me, I love this style of eating.

District Dining

District Dining has been on my radar since Taste of Sydney and my red-faced encounter with Warren Turnbull during the cooking school since I openly admitted that I hadn’t dined at Assisette or District Dining!

District Dining changes its menu as often as I buy shoes. Its extensive menu has plenty of dishes to share and grows beyond to the blackboard with daily specials with a liquor to satisfy everyone.

District Dining
Crispy School Prawns w/ Lime Mayonaise

District Dining
District Chicken Wings w/ Chilli Caramel

Entrees were a little oversized for just the two of us; super filling but still finger lickin’ till the last wing. The chicken wings are sticky with a honey-esque coating hiding the pipping hot chicken inside. The school prawns are extra crispy with a little spice that give you an addicted feeling to keep you going back for more.

District Dining

The mister laughing uncontrollably as I dipped the prawns into the lemon water, meant for rinsing fingers…

District Dining
Spiced Lamb Brik Rolls

Intrigued by what a brik roll was, we were pleasantly surprised when our table filled with middle eastern aromas. A crispy filo-like pastry hugs a spiced lamb mince on a bed of eggplant topped with tzatziki and sumac. Delish.

District Dining
Herb Gnocchi

My colleague recommended the herb gnocchi and it’s definitely worth a mention. Soft pillows served in a bed of summer veggies, a light parmesan cream and the crunch of pangritatta.

District Dining
Cookie Sandwich

Dessert time rolls around the corner and there’s a discretion of what to choose… the fight is settled with an intelligent decision of indulging in two desserts tonight. The first is for all sweet tooths out there; the cookie sandwich filled with ice cream and generous honeycomb parfait pieces. It’s like the soft side of a Crunchie chocolate bar.

District Dining
Strawberries and Cream

My favourite is the meringue, which on the menu seems too simple but all it’s merit is the combination of sweet meringue shards, chilled raspberry sorbet and sour dehydrated raspberries.

District Dining

Too many dishes but not enough bellies to fill. Bring the crowd so you can dig into everything!

District Dining is now closed.

District Dining
17 Randle St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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5 Comments to “District Dining”

  1. Hehe Jenny you are too cute re the lemon water! that’s something I could easily imagine myself doing 😛 I’m impressed that the food constantly changes here so that there is always something new.

  2. Hahaha jenny you goooooob! You’re so cute.

  3. i loled so hard when you said u dipped the prawn in the lemon water 😛

  4. strawberries and cream are my weakness ^^
    hehe dw i’m sure we’ve all made a silly mistake like that before, as long as you laugh it off it’s fine 🙂

  5. The lamb brik rolls are making me so hungry and I’d love some of that cookie sandwich sweet to finish off. Mmmm.

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