Crave Sydney’s Abracadabra Lunch by Dan Hong

by minibites

It’s been a while since this delectable lunch by Dan Hong at Lotus, but after drooling over my archived photos, I thought I’d do a quick post so everyone else can drool as well. Missing out on the Dude Food Deg, the girls and I settled for the magic and mystery of the Abracadabra lunch.

Abracadabra @ Lotus
Tuna Sashimi, Sea Urchin and Scallop 

Usually the thoughts of raw seafood sends tingles my spine but I was pleasantly surprised that I polished this off clean… yes, even the sea urchin which extremely um, challenging. Think grainy, gooey and slimy. Let’s say that the sweet wasabi and fresh tuna sashimi definitely helped.

Abracadabra @ Lotus
King Prawns, Saffron Dashi Custard & Consomme

This dish was a flashback to March where Dan dished up a similar dashi custard; it’s a party in the mouth with Asian inspired flavours of laska, saffron, juicy king prawns and spicy consomme.

Abracadabra @ Lotus
Steamed Suzuki Mulloway & Pork Dumplings 

Next up is a generous slice of fish with a layer of crispy skin contrasted with delicate, fish flesh on the flip side – all served with pork dumplings dressed with Japanese flavours of sweet white soy and sour yuzu.

Abracadabra @ Lotus
Rangers Valley Wagyu Skirt Steak w/ Sweet Potato, Kim Chi, Teriyaki Sauce

One of my favourites is the Wagyu skirt steak… amazingly tender cooked medium rare and teamed up with creamy, sweet potato puree, spicy kim chi and plenty of magic from Liam Power.

Abracadabra @ LotusStrawberry Sorbet & Vanilla Milk Ice

To finish it off, it’s Dan Hong’s version of strawberries and cream with layers of strawberry sorbet, ice-cold vanilla milk granita, shards of chocolate meringue, and plenty of fresh strawberries… and of course, popping candy to entertain everyone at the table.

Abracadabra event was apart of Crave Sydney Food Festival 2011.

22 Challis Ave
Potts Point, Sydney

7 Comments to “Crave Sydney’s Abracadabra Lunch by Dan Hong”

  1. I love all of Dan Hong’s creations…….. mmmm

  2. All the food looks great! Im not big on raw seafood either but am sometimes surprised when I try some and like it…

    Did they have a magician doing tricks there?

  3. That sounds like such a fun dinner. I love the element of magic too – that makes everything so fun 😀

  4. must make a note to go to one of dan hong’s dinners! that dashi sounds so mouthwatering.

  5. gosh that looks amazing .. especially King Prawns, Saffron Dashi Custard & Consomme


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