Orto Trading Co

by minibites

Orto Trading Co

Along Waterloo St in Surry Hills is a burst of fabulous new finds. Orto Trading Co is a cute retro bar on the corner; perfect for a girls’ night out. With Sydney’s sudden and torrential downpour, we all hustled in and cuddled inside to flickering candles, fresh flowers in our little corner.

Orto Trading Co

There’s bountifuls of beer, wines and cocktails on the drinks menu, but our choice of poison to wind down were jugs of fruity sangria; all served in little jars and retro straws.

Orto Trading Co
Scotch Egg

There’s a mix for dishes for the nibblish or the starving. First up are for the nibblish is the scotch egg is an oldie but a goodie. Made from house made pork sausage encasing a soft boiled egg. It’s dished up with a pear piccalilli; a British pickle with a mix of mustard and turmeric and perfect when the meat is a little least moist.

Orto Trading Co
Cauliflower Fritters

A fabulous alternative to potato chips are cauliflower fritters; fried and lightly coated in herbs and spices with the right amount of crunch. The chef must be a fan of pear as this dish was paired with a curried pear sauce; not necessary but adds just a little punch.

Orto Trading CoRoast Pork Hock for two

One of the fuller mains is the chunky roast pork hock for two. Still on the bone, it’s served on a gorgeous wooden board overflowing with roast parsnips, caramelised apples and mountain of cabbage slaw. Diggin’ the whole caramelised apple as it goes wonderfully with pork. Things are also always better when they are not doused in sauce, so I loved the milk bottle of pour-at-your-own-pace gravy. And although for two, this little baby filled up four bellies…

Orto Trading CoBirthday Cake from Raspberry Charlotte Mousse Cake, Le Renaissance Patisserie

Orto Trading Co

Orto Trading Co

Perfect enough for my birthday girls’ night out, so enjoy the candlelight and explore this new part of town.

Orto Trading Co
38/55 Waterloo St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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8 Comments to “Orto Trading Co”

  1. Love the candles and flowers, very nice. They have won me over with the cauliflower, that is a must try.

  2. Food looks amazing here. Always love a good new restaurant find 🙂

  3. those scotch eggs look fantastic… mmmhhh egggs yum

  4. Looks like a great place for nibbles and drinks 🙂

  5. wow, that roast pork hock looks like a win. I love presentation, it looks so ‘earth’ like! (if that makes sense lol)

  6. Ooh we were going to go here the other week! We ended up going elsewhere instead but it’s good to see what the menu is like!

  7. The drinking jars made me smile:) I am always on the look out for little interesting touches.

  8. awww what a pretty cake. and the jar is so cute!

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