Li’l Darlin

by minibites

Li'l Darlin

You gotta love a good bar like this. It’s nothing extraordinary but it just does what a good bar should do, ticking the right boxes with delicious bar food, scrumptious pizzas, alcohol and thankfully, plenty of seats. It’s buzzing on a Friday night with people kicking off their weekend escapades with spots at the bar, down the communal marble table, seats by the window or the cosy little two-seaters along the wall.

The menu is made to share, but the tapas sized dishes mean you can selfishly eat the whole dish without sharing (hint hint, like the peking duck pizza…..)

Li'l Darlin Salt & Pepper Calamari

Li'l Darlin
Seared Scallops

Feeling the generous and sharing mood, we’re kick off with some you-can’t-say-no salt and calamari with a side of sauces; delicious and piping hot bite sized pieces. Nothing amazing but it’s hot and fresh, and not elastically, so that’s comforting.

For something a little spesh, it’s the seared scallops. It’s not long when they arrive on a bed of cauliflower puree, crispy pancetta pieces, lime, tomato and a drizzle of brown nut butter sauce danced around on my tastebuds. Delish.

Li'l Darlin
Chilli-BBQ Ribs

Li'l Darlin Crispy Peking Duck Pizza

Continuing the two person chow down, next up are the messy and saucilious pork ribs. They pull off the bone with no trouble and are coated in Li’l Darlin’s signature chilli BBQ sauce. With our saucy grins and BBQ smelling fingers, we dive into the side of kipfler potato chips with aioli. Mmmm!

And when you read crispy peking duck pizza on a menu, you really can’t go past without ordering (plus having a food blogging colleague always helps, hello!). The pizza is crispy thin with lashings of peking duck, hoi sin sauce, shallots, cucumbers, coriander and the magical hints of star anise and cinnamon glaze that ties it altogether. Definitely giving Mad Pizza e Bar up the road a run for its money!

Li'l Darlin Homemade dough sticks w Belgian chocolate

The dessert menu is still sadly very short and it calls for the home made dough sticks. If you’re a lover of fresh bread then this is a treat. Warm, doughy goodness dipped in Belgian milk chocolate is not bad, not bad at all.

Li'l Darlin

If Li’l Darlin continues to kick on with crazy stunts like chilli bbq pork ribs and crispy peking duck pizza, then there won’t be spare seats on a Friday night soon…

Li’l Darlin
235 Victoria Rd
Darlinghurst, Sydney

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13 Responses to “Li’l Darlin”

  1. Oh those ribs look so saucey and delicious and I like the sound of the Peking Duck pizza too! πŸ˜€

  2. hot damn i could go for some chilli pork ribs right about now!

  3. Hello Jenny!

    Did you go to messina nextdoor afterwards?
    And how good is that peking duck pizza mm. Shame that this week is the last week of their $4.50 pizza specials 😦


    • I was stuffed to the belt after having pizza and so many dough sticks! I did stand and stare at them making a bomb alaska which looked amazzzzzzing!

  4. The crispy Peking duck pizza seems like a creative twist. Food seems to be getting very innovative in Sydney especially among the newer restaurants. Importantly, I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

  5. Ah, whenever I go to messina I see this place packed…now I know why. I’m going to give those ribs a try :9

  6. It all looks really good, especially the Peking duck pizza. Just so many places to eat at, that I haven’t made it here yet 😦

    • Definitely make a trip here! In fact, plan a night wandering down Victoria Rd.. there is also Messina which has amazing gelato (if you haven’t been), Victoria Room for amazing cocktails and decor and The Passage further up the road if you’re keen to keep on drinking! πŸ™‚

  7. those Seared Scallops look amazingly tasty!!!!

  8. omg that seared scallops looks sooooo good!

  9. The Good News is… in the last few weeks, a second Li’l Darlin has opened in Randwick and is open 7 days, including weekend lunch. And if you’re from the North side, you can sample a few similar menu highlights at The Stoned Crow in Crows Nest. The same owners have bought the old venue, refurbished it and opened a chic new hot spot in Feb 2012. Enjoy xx


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