Fratelli Fresh Cooking Class

by minibites

Fratelli Fresh Cooking Class

Fratelli Fresh Cooking Class

Through the great wooden gates on Danks St is a hidden treasure chest of fresh fruit and veggie produce, a cooking studio and the Italian delight, Cafe Sopra. Every week, Fratelli Fresh offers a free cooking class with two quick and simple recipes.

Fratelli Fresh Cooking ClassZucchini & Fennel Salad

This month, the starter is a fresh summer salad with ribbons of fennel and zucchini (so thin, it almost resembles pasta!) with a lightly drizzled lemon vingearette, fresh parsley and sourdough croutons. Incredibly light and so simple to whip up!

Fratelli Fresh Cooking ClassTagliatelle with Crushed Peas, Sausage and Pecorino

The main is a fresh tagliatelle pasta with a light, mashed pea sauce with lamb sausage meatballs and plenty of different cheeses. I’ve never ventured beyond a bolognese or boscaiola sauce so learning a quick 5 minute sauce with frozen peas, mascarpone and sausages is brilliant, and oh so tasty.

In a hour, learn how to cook a great meal, then shop for everything downstairs!

Fratelli Fresh
7 Danks St
Waterloo, Sydney

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13 Responses to “Fratelli Fresh Cooking Class”

  1. I’ve heard that these classes are great! Thanks for showing us what you make in them! 🙂

  2. If only I worked a little closer, I would so do one of these cooking classes!

  3. I love the fresh produce at Fratelli as well as the selection of Italian goods they have upstairs there.

  4. shall be hoping that you cook food for me one day hahahaha 😀 because we know your desserts are amazing. mains now!

  5. Crushed Peas, Sausage and Pecorino looks deliciious!!!

    I tried making my own pasta at home.. it wasnt as thin.. maybe a bit more practice 🙂

    • I’ve tried to make gnocchi and have failed… but great effort on the pasta! Practice makes perfect and even they don’t make it fresh in store (which I was so surprised with!)

  6. wow looks like so much fun! i absolutely loveeee fennel salad

  7. I always wondered about these classes. Your pasta looks fantastic.

    • We didn’t actually make the pasta nor do they!! Apparently it’s the same pasta as what they sell instore and they cook it twice – they cook it once and then when store it all for the day until it’s ready to be served and quickly re-heat with another dip in hot water. I was surprised as it tastes sooooo fresh!!

  8. pretty amazing 5 minute sauce! I normally take ages making a sauce alone!


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