Swell Restaurant

by minibites

Bronte Beach

Could you believe that this is Sydney’s beach on a Winter’s day? Even the snow bunny in me stood there for a while admiring the crashing waves and calm waters. After a surprise girls’ date at a horse riding school nearby, we headed to brunch by the gorgeous Bronte Beach.

Swell Restaurant is gorgeously opened up with tons of sunshine and natural light beaming in. Starving from our morning escapades, we order a bottle of Riesling and dig into our tasty morsels.

Swell RestaurantAngel Hair Pasta

Swell Restaurant
Spinach & Mushroom Risotto

The girls opt for the carb filled mains. The angel pasta is thin and a vermicelli-light tossed amongst crab bites, cherry tomatoes, basil, chili and garlic. Simple, light and reminiscent that Summer is on its way! I constantly pick at the risotto filled with earthy and unami goodness. Flavoursome and cooked to perfection; Swell isn’t scarce on the mushrooms with sprinkles of pine nuts and shaved parmesan.

Swell Restaurant
Panfried Kingfish

Being by the beach, I couldn’t help but choose the kingfish and a delightful choice indeed. Perfectly cooked with its crispy skin, the carrot and ginger puree, green apple salad and mustard vinaigrette rounded all the flavours and textures off. Mmm, absolutely delicious!

Swell Restaurant
Chocolate Terrine

Swell Restaurant
Apple and berry crumble with ice cream

The desserts were a little less exciting than the mains; but actually perfect to top off brunch. The chocolate terrine is melt in your mouth smooth and velvety. I would have enjoyed a lot more crunch with the crumble, but the warm berry filling and cold ice cream was a perfect match.

Soak up the gorgeous view with a guilty-free glass of vino and pasta by walking it off to Bondi…

Swell Restaurant
465 Bronte Rd
Bronte Beach, Sydney

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7 Responses to “Swell Restaurant”

  1. I love angel hair pasta with light, summery flavours. Crab meat always comes to mind and is great to order out, especially if you’re like me and are too lazy to pick out the meat from a crab to make it!

    And that spinach and mushroom risotto…looks like it’s very generous with chicken?

  2. I haven’t eaten in Bronte in ages! I was beachside a few weeks ago and it was stunning while the sun was out 🙂

  3. Ice cream for brunch mm
    Lucky you got such nice weather! Thank god it’s finally Spring

    I don’t ever head down to Bronte but now I have a new found reason to 🙂

    • There’s a horse riding school about 15mins away at Malabar, and it was such as nice morning going for a ride and then brunch at Bronte.. then a walk back to Bondi! 🙂

  4. Looks great! Lunch near the beach is an awesome way to spend the weekend 🙂


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