La Bodeguita de Medio

by minibites

La Bodeguita de Medio

Pushing through what seems to be strong glass doors guarding a Gotham city bank, it hides La Bodeguita de Medio, a Latin American surprise; filled with lively music, a well stocked rum bar and plenty of tasty and flavoursome morsels. The interior is theme fitting, with washed out sky blue walls, plenty of picture frames on the walls, wooden features and private booths to hide away in.

La Bodeguita de Medio

Ho ho ho, and a bottle of rum…! If rum is your choice of liquid courage, then this is the perfect bar to be at; with pages and pages of dedicated rum based cocktails and plenty of shots to share. We’re being well behaved as it’s still a school night, so cocktails it is.

I am cameraless tonight but the tapas to share are worth a nibble on, and the amazing ceviche with a tang and bite and braised lamb neck served with Cuban rice and black bean vinaigrette are worth a mention. I’m totally skeptical to raw food (my dad always overcooks meat) so ceviche has never been on my hot list, but this was damn delicious!

La Bodeguita de Medio
Passionfruit Pannacotta

La Bodeguita de MedioMocha Dome 

After a night of cocktails, we couldn’t resist some sweet delights while watching live salsa dancing around the tables and booths. The pannacotta is not the usual pyramid wobble, but little coins of pannacotta and passionfruit jelly, all on top of a bed of tapioca soup dressed with fruits and flowers. Usually a lover of tapioca, but I’m not sure it really worked for this dish…

The mocha dome on the hand was a chocolate delight – a decadent chocolate dome, candied peanuts, and salted caramel ice cream. Hello sugar overload but this one was a treat.

Perfect for some exotic foods, a mojito and a little dancing to wave the night away.

La Bodeguita de Medio
125 York St

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3 Comments to “La Bodeguita de Medio”

  1. The chocolate dessert and the lamb neck are divine aren’t they? Coincidentally they were our favourite dishes too!

  2. I’ve been meaning to come here, the place and desserts look great.

  3. omg that passionfruit pannacotta looks so freakin good! i love how theres a little sphere of everything 😀

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