by minibites


Continuing the trend of “hard to find”, Grandma’s is hidden in the basement below a complex of corporates on the ever so busy Clarence St. Stumble downstairs to the basement and there’s a nice feel to it. Cheeky vibrant wallpaper, vintage lamps, mismatching ottomans, teacup candles and a wooden rocking chair fill up the bar. At Grandma’s, there’s an added element to the bar, with a pot of ginger bubbling away behind the bar.


It’s a Tuesday night so it was comfortably pleasant to swing around and breathe (on other nights, you may find it difficult to….) I had the pleasure of my fellow girls bringing the cocktails at my disposal. Grandma’s cocktail list is hella extensive and every single cocktail we had was absolutely delicious.

My pick of the night had to go to the Basil Grande, with all my favourites; vodka, basil leaves, Grand Marnier and Chambord, strawberries and cranberry juice, all shaken up – even my sour loving companion loved it.


In the words of Grandma’s, “drink less but better!

Basement, 275 Clarence St

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2 Responses to “Grandma’s”

  1. OMG we were just talking about this spot the other night! Thanks for your review! 😀


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