Couture Cake Cupcake Decorating Class

by minibites

I’ve always enjoyed the smiles and oohs and aahs that come from people admiring fondant decorated cupcakes, and although I admit they are not the most flavoursome things on a cake, it’s amazing what things this icing can make.

My fellow baker and I spent our Saturday morning learning some neat tricks and tips from the pros at Couture Cake in a quick 2-hour class. It felt like being in kindergarten all over again moulding and rolling play-doh textured icing and cutting our wonderful shapes and faces.

Cupcake Couture Class

Cupcake Couture Class

Beginning with 6 plain cupcakes, we begin by spreading chocolate ganache and white fondant as a base for our decorations. We dive into the world of quilting, edible pearls, shimmer dust, floral tools, cutters, water and edible pens – learning to make 3D ladybugs and flowers, balloons and cheesy bears.

Cupcake Couture Class

The tools that are definitely going on my wishlist is a water pen (so much easier to use than a paintbrush & pot of water!), KopyKake edible pen for fiddly details, a set of ball tools for 3D flowers, a quilting tool and plenty of cutters! And not to forget, the wonders of what a square of transparency paper, which is used as little sander for the white bases.

Cupcake Couture Class

This lesson was purchased on the daily deal website, JumpOnIt. More classes are available on the website.

Couture Cake Classes 

10 Responses to “Couture Cake Cupcake Decorating Class”

  1. naw the teddy bears are cute!

  2. They are so cuteeeeeee! But this could be dangerous as there are so many supplies needed for decorating….. It’s terrible, I’m slowly getting there.. and getting poor from it ! 😦

  3. Hi I am new here to wordpress. Those are great cupcakes! You did a fantastic job.

  4. omg too cute!! did u travel all the way to the west west for the class? the voucher wasnt available for the CBD location >-<

  5. I regret not going for this voucher now, they look stunning. You did a great job, love the simple elegance of the plain white one.

    • keep an eye out – sometimes they do the same deal again. I remember seeing it on another daily deal site and missed out and then it was on Jump On it a few weeks after 🙂

  6. They are adorable! I love the quilted stitching detail. Bravo to you! 😀

  7. so cute!

    i cant wait to go .. ive still got my voucher to use up 🙂


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