The Hardware Societie, Melbourne

by minibites

The Hardware Societie

Melbourne is almost my second home, and proud to say that I’ve gravitated away from the touristy Degraves St to find more tastier brunch options. It’s early and there are crowds buzzing around in the laneway, all with their ears open waiting for their name to be yelled out. Our names are taken on a large paper doily and the only option is to mull over the menu again and again till we’re called in.

The Hardware Societie

On the outside, the cafe is simple on the outside and so easily missed as it’s tucked between the tall skyscrapers of the city. But inside, it has quirky little accents that make you feel like nanna has invited you over for tea. The gorgeous long oak communal table has floral sugar pots and vibrant yellow butter plates. There are personal touches here and there, even with one of the staff’s birthday wish list is written on the wall.

The Hardware Societe

I’m beginning to enjoy ordering tea instead of coffee for brunch to see all the wonderful ways it can be presented. On wooden trays, with timers, and now with homemade knitted tea cosys and tea served in delicate gold rimmed china. Squeal!!

The Hardware Societe
Poached Eggs

The Hardware SocieteBaked Eggs

Presentation points go far and beyond for this little cafe. My foodies choose the poached eggs in terracotta pots filled with poached eggs, chorizos, roasted baby peppers, tomatoes, chickpeas and goats cheese. My baked eggs come in a cute little red pot packed to the brim with goodies! Delicious eggs, peas, chorizo bites and cherry tomatoes – both finished off with fresh slices of bread with olive oil.

It was so cosy and warm inside, I didn’t want to leave!

The Hardware Societe
120 Hardware St

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3 Responses to “The Hardware Societie, Melbourne”

  1. Ooh this is one of my favourite ever places in Melbourne to eat! 😀 It’s so cute isn’t it!

  2. The tea cosie is so adorable. Makes me want one for my teapot, lol.


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