Three Bags Full, Melbourne

by minibites

Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full

After walking about 2km to get here, it’s a huge sigh of relief to walk into a cosy warm cafe. Inside it’s hustling and bustling for a Friday morning, filled with diners shielding from the cold and digging into bacon and eggs, hot coffee and pots of tea. The outside looks deceiving as it’s the corner of a block long warehouse block, but inside it boasts high ceilings, occasional traffic sign tables, modern paintings and rustic oak communal tables.

Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full
House Cured Salmon

Three Bags Full
Pumpkin & Sage Fritters

My foodies dig into the fritter based dishes; firstly with ribbons of amazingly house cured salmon, on a corn, pea and feta fritter topped with fresh rocket, wedges of avocado and a side of dill sour cream. The pumpkin and sage fritters are a heavier and little more of a guilty pleasure for breakfast, but still very tasty – served with grilled haloumi, creamed feta, crispy prosciutto, roast cherry tomatoes and mountains of rocket.

Three Bags Full
Pea & Eggs

Three Bags Full
Atlantic Eggs 

On the eggs side of the table, we enjoy pea & eggs; a combination of crushed peas, poached eggs, mint, tomato vinaigrette and feta crumbles all on top of sourdough toast. I like the introduction of peas into breakfast, it’s a light yet tasty vegetable that should be definitely used more often. I enjoy the atlantic eggs; toast, smoked salmon, poached eggs and vibrant and generous hollandaise sauce. It has a good balance; with just the right sourness and creamy texture.

Three Bags Full

A little trek (more of an adventure..) from Melbourne CBD but definitely worth the find.

Three Bags Full
60 Nicholson St

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6 Responses to “Three Bags Full, Melbourne”

  1. Great to see so many people there on a weekday!

  2. love the colour of that salmon and i cant get my eyes off that crispy prosciutto…*drools*

  3. yum the atlantic eggs look amazing!

  4. The pumpkin & sage fritters look fantastic. All your Melbourne posts make me want to get down there ASAP.

  5. the pumpkin and sage fritters look awesome! and yummmmm hollondaise sauce :O)


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