Dukes Coffee, Melbourne

by minibites

Dukes Coffee

After a boozy night along Chapel St, we peered into a warehouse styled cafe filled with glossy cement polished floors, wooden tables and rustic steel chairs. It was immediately on the agenda for the next day to come back for a hangover brunch. Dukes is buzzing on a Sunday morning with people huddling around the oak communal table reading the paper and sipping their coffees and others busily chattering away about their Saturday night escapades.

Dukes Coffee
Scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with chorizo

Dukes Coffee
Green Eggs & Ham – asparagus, ham steak, fried egg, sourdough toast

Dukes CoffeeAvocado toast with hummus, poached eggs, candied bacon, dukkah

Feeling a little boring, I opted for the scrambled eggs on fresh sourdough toast with a side of chorizo sausage while picking at the other girls’ choices. I wasn’t too envious, my eggs were generous, light and fluffy but I couldn’t help myself to steal cubes of candied bacon and slices of ham steak. But who can blame me for stealing candied bacon?!

Dukes’ take on Dr Seuss’ green eggs and ham is plentiful and welcoming for the hungover – ticking all the boxes; slab of ham, ribbons of asparagus, fried eggs and crunch sourdough toast. The avocado toast is spilling with flavours from creamy avocado, hummus, runny poached eggs, cubes of candied bacon, rocket and sprinkles of dukkah. Dukkah is a mix of spices and nuts from fennel, sesame, cumin, coriander seeds with some crushed hazelnuts and almonds. Delish.

Dukes Coffee

Absolutely perfect for brunch that’s more than just bacon & eggs.

Duke Coffee Roasters
169 Chapel St
Windsor, Melbourne

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One Comment to “Dukes Coffee, Melbourne”

  1. Mmm now I’m really ready for breakfast. The green eggs and ham is calling to me 🙂

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