Perfect Pork Crackling @ Quarter Twenty One Cooking School

by minibites

Quarter Twenty-One Cooking School

Quarter Twenty-One Cooking School

After seven years, you begin to run out of exciting things than the same ol’ anniversary dinner. Instead of sitting through a 3 hour degustation, I booked in a cooking class at Justin North’s Quarter Twenty One for the both of us to learn some cooking techniques to up our cooking game!

IMG_0070Quarter Twenty-One Cooking School

Quarter Twenty One is divided into 3 quarters; Eat, Feed and Cook for the Soul. Turning right, there is a gorgeous table filled with fresh and colourful produce and looking through into the glamorous kitchen. The kitchen is dressed with a backdrop of bottles of herbs and spices, a LCD demonstration screen, burners on the side and a shiny U-shaped cooking bench for us to work on.

Quarter Twenty-One Cooking School

The perfect pork cracking is served with pear, a side of crushed kipfler potatoes and a sprout and chestnut saute. The aim for this express class is for us to learn the techniques and prepare our mise en place so everything is wonderfully packaged to take home to quickly cook and share with everyone.

All the vegetables and herbs are prepped and stored in take away containers, along with all our possible needs; lemon wedges, garnishes and brandy. Our slab of pork from Victor Churchill is nicely scored and we generously rub in our fennel and salt coating and taken away to be vacuum sealed and ready for home. The class is also nicely limited, so it’s easy to quickly shout out questions to the chef.

Quarter Twenty-One Cooking School

The finished product is a super crispy pork crackling, that doesn’t chip your teeth, and guards tender pieces of pork goodness. It is a guilty pleasure dish but when cooked with love and with quality ingredients, it’s all worthwhile.

This class was an express class, but there are plenty to choose from, ranging from learning techniques, skills, chef demonstrations to a full dish with sides.

Quarter Twenty One
Level 5, Westifield Sydney

4 Responses to “Perfect Pork Crackling @ Quarter Twenty One Cooking School”

  1. That is such a cute idea for an anniversary activity! You can only stare wistfully into each others eyes over candles for so long……….. 🙂

  2. Mmm crackling is so addictive isn’t it! I could eat plates of it so I need to stop myself 😛 Great idea for a wedding or anniversary gift for couples!


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