Bird Cow Fish

by minibites

It’s nice to kick start a Saturday off with the girls and good ol’ brunch. Bird Cow Fish is another one of those no nonsense restaurants for brunch and wide spread tables to flutter about. With saying this, there are occasional screaming kids running around with mothers holding spoons of food ready to be flung into their mouths – just need to remember that they are little humans and need to be fed too…

Bird Cow FIsh Chai Latte

Bird Cow FIsh Potato gnocchi with prawn meat 

Even though it was brunch, there was very excuse to kick start with a shared entree. Our eyes couldn’t go pass the potato gnocchi, so a hearty carb starter it was! Soft potato pillows sauteed in burnt butter, verjuice (a juice made from unripe grapes), capers topped with crispy sage leaves. Absolutely amazing, even topping A Tavola & Omerta’s gnocchi from Taste of Sydney.

Bird Cow FIshFried salmon fishcakes

Bird Cow FIshPoached eggs, roast tomato, chorizo, sourdough toast

For mains, my foodie companion dives into the super crispy salmon fishcakes, and I opt for the traditional poached eggs, chorizo and toast combo. Three salmon fishcakes sat on top an tartare sauce, that were surprisingly light and favoursome within. My poached eggs were cooked wonderfully and once burst, the soft centre oozed all over my toast and crispy chorizo.

It goes to show that food doesn’t need to be over the top fancy, but as long as there are quality ingredients and simplicity, it works.

Bird Cow Fish
500 Crown St
Surry Hills, Sydney 

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2 Comments to “Bird Cow Fish”

  1. The food looks great. Have been meaning to try this place, but am more motivated now 🙂

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