Naked for Satan, Melbourne

by minibites

Naked for Satan

Naked for Satan is a fun and quirky concept, where the ceilings are high, all is copper and naked buxom women wallpaper the walls. It’s a buffet styled bar where you pick and choose the pintxos, eat and then count your toothpicks to pay. Pintxos, or pinchos is Spanish for the small bite sized snacks eaten in bars. Pintxos are little delights served on bread with a toothpick pierced through (the literal translation for pincho actually means spike!).

Naked for Satan
Naked for Satan

Naked for Satan

The pintxos include a range from an awesomely grilled capsicum, mushroom and lettuce delight, a seafood and carrot puree sprinkled with flying roe, a pea puree slather with scallop and corn fritter ball on a bed of blue cheese. For more, there’s blue cheese with honey eggplant, red apple and chorizo and, more blue cheese and quince jam pintxos.

So if you’re not a fan of cheese or all things puree’d then sadly no pintxos will be quite satisfying. Most of the menu include char grilled vegetables or a cold meat skewered into a generously cheese’d up slice of amazingly soft baguette. The staff do occasionally walk around with out of the oven platters of pintxos with piping hot fritters.

Naked for Satan

Some of the pintxos were quite experimental and despite being a heavy meat eater, the best pintos of the night were the veggie ones; simple with great flavours – so stick with the garlic mushrooms, char grilled capsicum and smoked salmon with picked onions.

Naked for Satan

Agreed with my fellow foodie; the concept and bar is brilliant, but the food needs a little work. It’s still worth a stopover for a drink or two, a toothpick or two to kick start the night’s festivities. And for a limited time, they’re offering 50c pintxos!

Naked for Satan
285 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, Melbourne

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