QVB Tea Room High Tea

by minibites

Instead of the chicken roll Saturday morning with the boys, it was a pleasant change to have high tea brunch (or otherwise known as a fast paced gossip session) with the girls. “High tea” originated in the 17th century, where the Duchess would invite her friends over to have a meal of breads, small cakes and tea. Queen Victoria later made it popular but high tea was actually enjoyed by the working class, and low tea was served to the rich.

We didn’t don any pearls or high button silk blouses, but opted for the elaborate QVB tea room. The QVB tea room is amazing gorgeous; naturally lit, floral tea sets and goodies served on the traditional 3-tier Royal Albert silver sets. It is a set menu with a 3-tier set of savories and sweets and a tea of your choosing.

I choose an Earl Grey tea, many hate the smell of it, but I love it! There’s something that reminds me of having tea with my grandma.

The savoury tier

The savoury tier was filled with cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches, egg sandwiches and a platter of buttery scones with a platter of fresh cream and homemade strawberry jam. Being my first high tea, I have to admit that I’m not a complete fan of cucumber sandwiches… perhaps my tummy was feeling tipsy turvy that morning. I did love the scones with unstrained and lumpy sweet strawberry jam.

The sweet tiers

I’ve always had a sweet tooth, so the glistering lemon & almond babycakes, vibrant fruit tarts, artificially looking macarons, sugar dusted passionfruit shortbread and dark tiramisu sponge cake all sat there waiting for me to gobble them all up. The tier with the tiramisu sponge was my favourite, with just the perfect amount of bite sized pieces. The second tier of sweets were very disappointing, with a unsatisfying macaron and passionfruit “sandwich”.

It was a lovely way to start the weekend, but the hunt is definitely on to look for more high tea places!

QVB Tea Room
Lvl 3, North End, QVB
455 George St, Sydney

The Tea Room, Queen Victoria Building on Urbanspoon

2 Comments to “QVB Tea Room High Tea”

  1. ooh nice that the scones comes on a separate platter that way you get more sweets on your tier! have you tried the victoria room?

  2. No I haven’t, but people have said nice things about it!

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