Mandoo Korean Dumplings, Adelaide

by minibites

Panfried mandoo dumplings

After a day or two of wandering in Adelaide, I have discovered the secret of living here: Don’t work 9-5. During my lunch break, the mall poured with the hustle and bustle of people. I wandered past a little Korean shop filled to the brim. I order a dish of dumplings from a old smiling man at the counter who hand makes each one. Mandoo dumplings come from Korea, with a slightly tougher dumpling shell than gyoza and filled with meat and/or vegetables. There’s plenty of fillings to choose from like a chocolate box of all sorts. And they’re fresh and delicious. I would have liked to enjoy a mix of steamed and fried and give the kimchi filled ones a go, so maybe next time.

Shop 3, 23 Bank St

Mandoo Korean Dumplings on Urbanspoon


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