by minibites

French toast a la Bitton with fresh fruit & orange jelly

Bitton has been my latest brunch craze. It’s one of those places where you’re not particularly in the mood to test the waters of something new, and just looking for that quick morning fix of good ol’ favourites.

On my first trip (yep, repeat offender already) I indulged in the french toast which was delicious. I’ve only had another memorable french toast experience which was in Lorca, Melbourne and this was has met the benchmark. Loads of fresh and seasonal fruit always helps cut the guilt of having such  a sugary delight so early in the day.

Poached eggs served with spinach, smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce

On my second trip back, I was in an eggy mood, so we opted for the breakfast staples. My companion’s poached eggs were delicious, one egg was a little overdone but the rest of the dish was flawless. Sitting on a potato hash brown, the creamy hollandaise sauce was just right.

One pan bacon and eggs with wood fired bread & tomato sauce

I opted for the one pan and it was filled with goodness, oozing eggs, bacon and 2 slices of wood fired sourdough bread. One of the things that Bitton is known for are their sauces, so the french toast orange jelly is available in the grocer, as well as the amazing spicy tomato sauce that swung my tastebuds into a dancing sensation.

Gorgeous view opposite a grassy park, delicious food and great service. Perfect way to start a weekend morning!

36-37a Copeland St
Alexandria, Sydney

Bitton Gourmet Cafe on Urbanspoon

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  1. oh man that pan of bacon and eggs looks to die for!

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