Costco, Melbourne

by minibites

In our February Melbourne trip, the boys were so intrigued by the American giant, Costco, that they decided to sign up for membership and shopped up big (literally)! Membership is $60 per year and is pretty worthwhile if one person signs up and the rest piggybacks off them, only catch is that they will need to pay at the counter. It’s hard to imagine how Melbournians can’t live cheap with bulk buy groceries and discount factory outlets everywhere. So every time we go back to Melbourne, we pay our big friend a visit.

Everything comes big big or in bulk. Chips came in big bags with equally 1kg jars of salsa… jellybeans come in kg tubs and can you really say no to 1.5kgs of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? For only $15? And oh, we made the most of it because we had car transportation of the goods back up to Sydney, win!

Costco cafeteria lives up to its name for being big. A hot dog with free soft drink refills for $2.50 and a giant pizza slice for $2.99. Oh major carbicide.

And Costco is opening up soon in Sydney… and 5 minutes away from me!

Costco Wholesale
381 Footscray Road
Docklands, Melbourne


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