Kudu Lounge Cocktail Making Class

by minibites

So after a countless number of girls nights out and cocktail trails, my colleague thought it would be nice to spice up our Wednesday night by checking out a cocktail class at Kudu Lounge.

Splitting into 2 groups, we begin with the humble Mojito, diving into the history of rum, different techniques of muddling, stirring and clapping herbs and most importance about balance of flavours in cocktails. Our cocktails are a little off from the original, but funnily enough it all matched each of our cocktail preferences, whereas I enjoy my cocktails sweet – so my cocktail was sweeter, whereas the other girls’ were either more alcoholic, more sourer and more fruity, just like how we all like it.

Next on the agenda is learning The Bramble, and although I’m only a recent convert to Gin, my Russian counterpart was giggly to find out that we were going to learn a gin based cocktail, that didn’t involve cucumbers, rose petals or tonic. Not as commonly known as the Mojito, The Bramble is gin shaken with lemon juice and sugar syrup, then poured over ice with a shot of raspberry liqueur drizzled over. This lesson was all about the tools, like the Hawthorn strainers and the tricks and dangers of using a Boston shaker, properly.

The Bramble


Ta-dah! Our finished products, The Bramble and Mojito. Great (and slightly tipsy) night taught by wonderful bartenders that not only knew their stuff, but were dedicated in making cocktails and were very down to earth to entertain us after the class with our cocktail challenges.

Class booked on Adrenalin, www.adrenalin.com.au and includes 2 cocktails and canapes.

Kudu Lounge
225a Victoria Rd
Darlinghurst, Sydney

Kudu Bar and Lounge on Urbanspoon

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