Masterchef Challenge 2010 – Team Blue

by minibites

So the war paint came on for the next night which was Team Blue’s time to shine and show off their skills in the kitchen. Team Blue opted for an Asian influenced 3 course meal with Hanoi crisp parcels, Drunken chicken with bruised salad and Peter Gilmore’s Snow Egg.

Hanoi Crisp Parcels

Inspired from Luke Nguyen’s Masterclass, Hanoi Crisp Parcels are not your normal spring rolls; made from rice paper rolls and lightly shallow fried, they’re juicy and tender on the inside and nice and crisp on the outside. The accompanying sauces were perfect that packed freshness and a chili punch. Team Blue also opting to use chicken mince instead of pork to cater for our Halal friends and it works just as well!

Drunken chicken with bruised salad

For mains, we’re served Alvin’s Drunken Chicken with Bruised Salad and fluffy jasmine rice. The chicken is cooked in a broth of Shaoxing (Chinese rice wine), Mirin (Japanese rice wine), Malaysian palm sugar and generous amounts of ginger. This dish immediately took me time traveling back to when my grandmother would cook for us. The bruised salad was super refreshing with crunchy textures of cucumber, snake beans, peanuts and dried shrimp doused in a light tangy lime dressing.

And drumroll!! – for dessert, we had the infamous Snow Egg! Although I haven’t had the pleasure to try Quay’s Snow Egg, this one was absolutely delicious. And I admire all the efforts Team Blue put into this from vigorous planning through to intensive prep work and pulling through the numerous changes made to meet the seasonal demands and to cater to their Asian influenced menu, as traditionally it is made from guava and custard apple.

The team also enlisted me to assist them (and a pleasure it was!) and we did try making the maltose tuiles, but we failed miserably. It looked successful when we had poured it onto the silicone mat but unfortunately the tuiles didn’t set as mentioned in the recipe and it still had not set the next morning.

The preparation for this dessert was absolutely tedious and fiddly, with the team prepping for the dessert the night before, making the poached meringue eggs, lychee and vanilla bean puree and coconut granita. It took on board bags and bags of sugar, egg whites and a hardcore Kitchenaid for the meringue, constant stirring, hand blending and sifting for the puree (and a little bit of hot puree into my eye!) before we got some shut eye.

The Snow Egg

The final outcome was a gorgeous white snow egg encasing a generous serving of black sesame ice cream topped with toasted coconut. The egg was served on a bed of vanilla bean custard base as well as lychee and vanilla bean puree and coconut granita.

Absolutely amazing work Team Blue!!

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